El Twatto

In an argument with two real economists we get Spuddo saying:

But what that means is three things. First, in Simon and Jonathan’s view economic policy is being run for the sake of economic policy. Its aim is to restore monetary policy. Second, that means the aim is to put bankers back at the heart of economic policy, and not people. And third, the aim is to restore finance as the constraint on activity instead of that limit being the available resources within the economy i.e. the goal of establishing full employment.

If we get to full employment then interest rates will be able to rise to the time value of money. Instead of being artificially suppressed below that as at present.

This is putting bankers at the heart of the economy?

5 thoughts on “El Twatto”

  1. Bankers aren’t people.

    Huh. Interesting.

    What sort of ‘people’ should be at the heart of economic policy?

    Fat little sweat hogs from Ely who can’t find a real job, evidently.

  2. From reading TRUK it seems that the MMT crowd are now in Monty Python’s Peoples Front of Judea vs Judea People’s Front territory.

  3. OT Rant

    BBC Silent Witness Series 22 – 8. Deathmaker

    Typical biased BBC: IRA portrayed as the victims – Loyalists did all the killing and bombing

    Plod interviews in bomb-proof room {again} – why?

    Think of the children – Loyalists are bad, Orla, Gronya & IRA are good – despite killing each other

    We’re forced by law to pay for this Corbynite anti-British propaganda


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