For the teenage lad in me

Duchess of Sussex writes messages of support on bananas for sex workers

Yes, I know, they’re bananas, cheap and healthy fruit to go into care boxes for those out on the streets.

But still. Bananas. Sex workers. Tee hee.

The Duchess, who visited a charity which helps women break free from sex work, homelessness and addiction, resolved to send a personal, handwritten message to those in need.

During a tour of the kitchen at One25, a charity in Bristol, she was seized with inspiration, asking for a felt tipped pen to draw hearts and notes, including the words: “You are strong”, “You are loved”, “You are brave”, “You are special”.

That’s just ludicrous of course.

15 thoughts on “For the teenage lad in me”

  1. More supportive than, “you’re a scrubber”, “you’re a fat cow” or , “Trap a royal” I suppose.

  2. @BiND,
    Cleaner, warmer, safer – and tax-paying – brothels, one hopes. Of course the decor may leave a lot to be desired.

  3. polidoriredux,
    The Mars bar story has been pretty much debunked as a myth. Police and media lying to blacken someone they didn’t like – hard to believe, I know.

  4. @JS. Pity. I’ve always thought of the younger Mariane’s snatch as I tucked into a Mars bar from that day to this.

  5. JS
    “The Mars bar story has been pretty much debunked as a myth.”
    The missus and I believed it at the time.

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