The first British saint of modern times is to be created after the Pope gave final approval for the canonisation of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

We’ve got a portrait of him on the wall. An original – no, not the Millais one.

Wonder if it’s time to take that to the Antiques Roadshow?

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  1. According to Lytton Strachey in his ‘Eminent Victorians’, the 19th century Catholic Church in the form of Pius IX and Cardinal Manning thought of Newman as a nuisance and an embarrassment.

  2. Squawkbox

    “According to Lytton Strachey ……….”

    LS, the butt end of the historical biographer’s compass.

  3. Come on, his piece on Cardinal Manning is one of the most splendidly bitchy pieces in the English language. Not a single direct criticism, but you could not be left with a worse impression.

  4. Lytton Strachey was an early proggie cunt who should have been battered when his shite book came out.

    UK Catholics should concern themselves less with old times and more with how to get rid of the installed marxist at the top and ensure that none like him are ever installed again. IE Purge the Church. Purge, Purge, Purge.

  5. So, on papal instructions, the newly promoted but still dead Saint John-Henry has to abandon his harp (or possibly pitchfork) and comfortable retirement and settle down to a desk job answering the entreaties of demanding saint-botherers.
    You Catholics are fucking weird, no doubt about it,

  6. BiS,
    As far as I understand it, this is a confirmation rather than a promotion. All are saints, if they make it to heaven, with some being confirmed as Saints (so we all know so-and-so definitely made it).

    Catholicism is pretty weird though, I’ll give you that.

  7. Jack C- but won’t he get assigned a patron job as part of the confirmation. There’s been a lot of new professions popped up that could do with a patron, But since most plum ones have been taken up, as his experience was 19th C mainly he’s unlikely to be operating in his comfort zone. Patron saint of programmers? Patron saint of Youtubers?. How about Patron Saint of CofE Woman Bishops?

  8. You would be better off if you had, say, his little finger or some part of his body. The church would gladly buy it, encase it in silver and put it on display in some basilica ready to be paraded on his name day

  9. Based on the queues of people who go to kiss the pillar on which some replica Virgin stands in Zaragoza, the DCF on the cashflows would be a considerable sum

  10. Who knows, Mr Gamecock? They certainly have enough virgins to round. Even more than the muslims. Although I’ve visited Zaragoza & can well imagine why they’d chose to put their one on a pillar. Even today a virgin in Zaragoza must be a rare occurrence. There really is bugger all to do there of an evening.

  11. You’d expect Newman to be made patron of something to do with universities, giving his long involvement with them, but they might all be taken (that wasn’t seen as a problem in the past, but the seem less willing to double up now).

    He’s already patron of the Ordinariate (for ex-Anglicans who become Catholics).

    More interestingly, his father’s bank went bust when he was young, so perhaps patron of failed bankers?

    More scurrilously, there are occasional attempts to claim that he was gay, so perhaps being patron saint of homosexual cardinals would keep him busy?

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