How bout Greece and Britain being different places Stefan?

If Greece can embrace the EU, why can’t we?
Stefan Stern

Seems a reasonable enough explanation to me. Different places, with different people in them, who have different desires.

We might also go for the cheap shot, we pay in, they collect out.

16 thoughts on “How bout Greece and Britain being different places Stefan?”

  1. “I thought the EU kept Greece locked up in its basement with a gimp mask on.”

    That’s unnecessary. Greece has Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. We’re becoming more and more an economy based on low gravity goods. We export more Scotch Whisky than meat and dairy combined (not that you’d know it from the amount of whining farmers compared to the lack of distillers) and that lasts for a long time and doesn’t cost much to export. Other than olives and feta, what do Greece export?

  3. Greece can’t get out from under because the people at the top of Greece are doing just fine and the people at the bottom of Greece are unable to do anything much about it. The people at the bottom need the police and military on their side, ideally before the EU forms its own travelling band of military troubadors.

  4. I thought the EU kept Greece locked up in its basement with a gimp mask on.

    A German basement.

    Funny how many on the Left who are Remainers turn into Ludwig Von Mises when it comes to the real austerity imposed by the EU on Greece.

  5. Interested has it right. The EU has bought the shite at the top. But that top will not for much longer include the WOMI shite who are busy daily endorsing their EU masters. Well-off London Bubble trash may feel themselves special snowflakes but the Globo elite sees them as useful idiots. Their reward for treason and Judas-Goating will be the blade themselves. Later in the queue maybe but still the blade. They Globos don’t want middle class parvenu trash stinking up their nice future. Themselves as lords and masters and a billion techno-peasants to do the dirty work. That is the future being worked on by the Soros’s and the rest.The London Bubble –and its other world-wide equivalents– might be last to be popped but popped they will be.

  6. How about Greece is happy accepting all that money from the EU in return for a loss of sovereignty and the UK is not so happy paying all that money into the EU in return for a loss of sovereignty.

  7. Greece suffered 400,000 casualties during the Axis occupation including the extermination of its Jewish community and then economic disaster and a nasty civil war.
    There are two breathtakingly absurd readings of the 20th century

    1 It suffered form insufficiently aggressive Nationalism ( You lot )
    2 It was the final victory of the planned economy ( A view held only by a few Marxists granddads and some children)

    Neither appeals to the Greeks , it should not to us ( not that there is an ‘us’ any more )

  8. Visiting professor at Cass, isn’t he? And we all know the quality of their academics. I think I was actually at school at the same time as Stefan Stern. Rings a vague bell as being a pompous tit even then.

  9. Even as a scummy traitorous moron Facepainter your latest ramblings are extra-dire. Your ravings would embarrass Arnold at his drugged up grease-choked worst. Either sober up or fuck off –this is a blog not a piss stained bus shelter.

  10. ‘Yesterday, British MEPs even tried to block an EU-wide ban on bee-harming pesticides.’

    There it is! The reason to leave the EU. This ban is BOGUS. STUPID BEYOND COMPREHENSION.

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