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Three Conservative MPs who resigned to join a new independent group on Wednesday said Theresa May had allowed their former party to fall prey to hardline Brexiters and declared that the Tory modernising project had been destroyed.

In the latest evidence that Brexit is reshaping the political landscape, Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston, all outspoken critics of May’s stance on Europe, said the Conservative party as they had known it under David Cameron was dead.

“I’m not leaving the Conservative party – it has left us,” said Soubry at a hastily convened press conference around the corner from the House of Commons. “The modernising reforms that had taken years to achieve were destroyed.”

If people wanted modernising reforms then they’ve vote for the Blairites. The gap in hte market does appear to be any actual conservatives to vote for…..

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  1. The Tory Party is slightly sounder for the loss of these three traitorous slags. They will lose their seats at the next GE but so will most Tories if they try to delay Brexit or vote for the Fish Faced Cows brazen treason. The Project Fear cockrot they cite as their pathetic excuses fools no one. Not even the lying shite spewing it out.

    This shower of shite need to be the first government and esp the first PM to be punished for their betrayal while in office. A mass trial of all non-Brexit –real Brexit–supporters with loss of all pension and ten years hard labour–no pun intended as ZaNu need to be included on the Traitors Roll–is what they all need.

  2. The ERG has had to put up with the likes of Soubry and a succession of leftie leaders for 30 years, but they never left

    The instant there is some pushback, Soubry is crying into her gin and tonic and flouncing off betraying her constituents and the manifesto she fought an election on

    And they will produce the exact opposite result – now they have flounced off it is a group within the Conservative party that Mrs May doesn’t have to accommodate

    No deal looks more likely

    Who said empty barrels make the most noise? These three have been deafening on the ever so sanctimonious BBC

  3. @Ecks – re BBC, quite right. They have been caught red-handed creating fake news regarding the Honda factory closure announced earlier this week
    – On Monday there had clearly been some sort of leak to the media, and the BBC news reports started saying Honda factory closing, due to Brexit. All over the news.

    – On Tuesday the actual announcement from Honda: explicitly nothing to do with Brexit.

    Either the BBC did not know the reasons why Honda were leaving – in which case they were literally making up the Brexit related reasoning: Fake News.


    they DID know that Honda were going to explicitly say not due to Brexit and – even more cynically than above – deliberately and knowingly trying to conflate it with Brexit prior to official announcement. Fake News of a worse kind than above.

    Caught red-handed. I am pointing this out over and over to people.

  4. Honda: nothing to do with the fact that Honda located in the UK to be inside the EU tariff walls, and now that the EU has agreed not to charge tariffs on Japanese cars it’s now actually cheaper to build them in Japan and ship them in?

  5. There is a whole lot more going on with the Honda thing than you realise. The recent EU-Japan trade deal allows them to repatriate capital and assets back to Japan and enables greater flexibility over things like car production in return for things like dairy imports into Japan.

    Might help French farmers obviously (which is presumably the point), but it triggers things like the Honda closure.

    Admittedly, this is not my area of expertise, but that is how I’ve understood it. Presumably this is why Honda are explicitly saying “this is not BRExit related”, because they don’t want journos investigating to see where the root cause ACTUALLY lies (EU’s shitty negotiations regarding trade deals).

    Can we leave yet?

  6. John Galt, what mainstream journos would even bother to investigate when they are all suckling at the EU’s teat?

  7. Yesterday my Hungarian economics professor glibly stated that people who voted for Brexit didn’t know what they were voting for and had succumbed to a populist campaign. A few minutes later an Indian chap weighs in on the situation in Hungary and she says he’s wrong and she’s right because she’s Hungarian and therefore knows what she’s talking about. You can teach a lot of things, except self-awareness it seems.

  8. Government: “We will ban the sale of all petrol and diesel powered cars from 2030 (or thereabouts)”
    Honda: “OK”
    Government:”Oh. Why are you closing a factory that makes petrol and diesel cars?”

    We are governed by morons. This is a direct consequence of their green madness. If they wanted to claim credit, they should be shouting the triumph of another government initiative. And honest journalism should be rubbing their noses in it.
    Instead we get remainiac shite from the Propaganda Channel. The contempt for the public is so great they don’t even try to hide their lies any more.

  9. Government: “We will ban the sale of all petrol and diesel powered cars from 2030 (or thereabouts)”

    Yeah, but nobody believes that guff anyway, especially not Honda that ACTUALLY understands the technical barriers to making it happen. Even for personal transportation (ignoring HGV which is a far bigger issue) it is dubious that the technology will be there to do this at an affordable price (which is the key).

    No, this is about bring back control to car production. Honda has far more flexibility and control back in Japan under a relatively benign and rational government and the new EU-Japan trade deal allows them to move production back home without major transactional costs, so that was always going to be the outcome.

    I bet Honda’s bowing executive was muttering “You’re all fucking mad. Thank the emperor we’re leaving.” under his breath the other day.

  10. ‘hardline Brexiters’

    Are all Brexiters ‘hardline?’ Like the right is always “hard” right?

    Brexit seems digital. For it or agin’ it.

    ‘Hardline’ is Guardian propaganda.

  11. JG: I agree with you on the feasibility of this, but that doesn’t stop the f*ckwits trying, nor making such silly statements with damaging consequences. cf. our defence secretary’s latest chinese stupidity. Sailing HMS Large Slow Target into the Spratly issue – why? What business is it of ours?
    We also recently had Amber 15W Bulb threatening to reduce the mains voltage to save power. Her voltage was reduced years ago.
    Given the £bn a car factory investment costs, very sensible of Honda to flee the green madness and build at home.
    The EU trade agreement is convenient, but they would have done so anyway.
    I second your comment on the exec’s muttering 🙂

  12. You can teach a lot of things, except self-awareness it seems.

    The greater the credentials, the less self-awareness. In fact, the less actual awareness, full stop.

  13. ‘The 11-strong parliamentary grouping formed by the breakaway MPs is not yet a formal political party’

    Eleven unaligned MPs can turn the ship of state?

    BU||$#!+ [That needs to be bolded and 3X.]

    They have made themselves parliamentarily irrelevant.

  14. @John Galt February 21, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Honda leaving as EU is a low-growth / moribund market

    Honda’s decision has got nothing to do with Brexit. In addition to the closure of the Swindon plant, the Japanese firm is also closing its Turkish plant, which is in the EU’s Customs Union. And it isn’t moving its UK production to another EU country – new investment will be channelled towards China, the US and Japan.

    It is clear why producing cars in the EU is no longer viable for Honda. According to Motoring Research, only two in 10 cars built in Swindon are exported to the EU. The majority (55 per cent) go to North America.

  15. Good article at Motoring Research, highlighted by Pcar above. Hard to accuse them of a pro- or anti-Brexit bias or a desperate wish to avoid offending Leave voters*.

    I wonder what a similar country-by-country-reporting (® Spud) would show for Toyota and Nissan’s UK plants?

    * for those who sensibly avoid the mare’s nest that is Twatter, the official #FBPE line is that Honda management are politely lying, to avoid offending their key demographic (the senile old men in flat hats who were the sole Leave voters), and the closure decision really was only about Brexit

  16. John Galt said:
    “for personal transportation … it is dubious that the technology will be there to do this at an affordable price”

    To our Green Lords & Masters that’s a benefit, not a problem. They don’t see any problem in us proles travelling around less.

  17. @ Chris Miller
    Nissan reportedly exports 55% of production to the EU partly because it is the only Nissan plant in Europe and partly because Dunelms work a damn sight harder than Midlanders employed by British Leyland or Frenchmen/Algerians employed by Renault or …. I was talking to guy from Ever Ready in the 70s and he said they built their battery plant in Co Durham because the ex-miners worked so much harder than southerners (he didn’t know that I was an ex-northerner).
    Will Nissan close Sunderland? Not because of Brexit – if Juncker imposes a horrendous tariff on UK cars so EU sales halve they might have to cut one shift. The climate change lobby is a bigger danger: if cars are banned there is no point in building cars.

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