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Interesting stuff

The government’s conservation watchdog has issued licences to destroy 170,000 wild birds, eggs and nests, including rare and declining species such as curlews and swifts, in the past five years.

Of course the birdchoppers don’t need licences…..

8 thoughts on “Interesting stuff”

  1. The Grauniad writers describes Herring Gull as a species in long-term decline which demonstrates that they don’t believe the evidence of their eyes. They are a ridiculously numerous pest miles inland far outnumbering the less numerous “Common Gull”.
    RSPB says “The curlew can be seen around the whole UK coastline with the largest concentrations of found at Morecambe Bay, the Solway Firth, the Wash, and the Dee, Severn, Humber and Thames estuaries. Greatest breeding numbers are found in N Wales, the Pennines, the southern uplands and E Highlands of Scotland and the Northern Isles.”
    The Grauniad says “rare and declining species such as curlews …” and “almost extinct as a breeding species in southern England” The Thames Estuary was in southern England last time I looked. Has it moved?

  2. Last paragraph we learn this is a press release for Wild Justice. Send them money.

    I presume ‘wild’ justice is like social justice.

    “One of my real concerns is whether Natural England follow up on these licences. The people who apply for these licences are supposed to report back but who is checking these things? It seems really badly organised.”

    Dammit! We need bureaucracy!

    Report back form:

    Did you kill the birds?

    Yes ____

    No ____

    Why should Natural England care? Are they going to print obituaries?

  3. On an episode of “QI” a few years ago Stephen Fry sternly read out a statement from The RSPB to the effect that NO birds had been killed by wind turbines.
    Even at the time reports on the internet (not on the BBC, natch) showing dead birds around the bases of turbines were common.
    This tells us all we need to know about how much those running the big charities care about the ostensible reason for their existence.

  4. “All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.” – O’Sullivan’s Law

    RSPB has more important issues than birds to deal with.

  5. Were the “swallows” that returned to our use every year when I was a boy actually swifts? Or even house martins?

    Dunno – it was birds that you can eat that interested me.

  6. The left have invaded the charity world after 1997. They’re such a good fit. “We love, love ,love everything and everyone”

    But at the slightest excuse they will give dispensation for mass slaughter because it just feels so good.

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