Is she really allowed to say this these days?

Karl Lagerfeld is dead, and the fashion industry he presided over from the house of Chanel rends its garments and calls itself heartbroken. His muse, a white cat called Choupette, which exists largely on Twitter – a metaphor for his misanthropy so pure I thank him – was photographed in a mourning veil, thanking us for our words of condolence. That his best beloved was literally inhuman, and very small, is no surprise. (It is rumoured that, if she exists, she will inherit his fortune, though that is illegal in France.)

I do not think Lagerfeld really liked women. It is impossible to watch his work and think he did

Is it politically acceptable to say that gay boys don’t like women these days?

The couture shows in Paris, at which he excelled, power the global fashion machine and send it to the duller parts of Earth. He decided what was lovely and what was not, who should be noticed and who should be ignored. None of this would matter if it didn’t have that power – fashion, when cornered, cites its triviality as a defence – except it did. The machine sold perfumes and handbags (almost no one can afford couture, and that kind of money is a sickness in itself) by offering an ever-receding image of beauty that no normal woman could ever attain, let alone hold. The girls who wore his clothes, which were as insubstantial as a fleeting dream (he was an artist, and his works expressed his philosophy perfectly), were very young and tiny. They seemed, when you watched them, only just born, with no blemish on them, existing only for the adornment of Lagerfeld’s feathers and bows.

The rest of it seems to be fat bird whining about fashion models.

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  1. There’s a gay type that quite like women (but not in that way), so long as they closely resemble young boys. Many of them work in the fashion industry.

  2. It’s ok to throw white, rich, non-leftist gays off the roof of the progressive mosque. Identity politics Top Drumfs, innit? Even Peter Tatchell is gonna be denounced as a conservative anyday now

  3. Of course he liked women. He’s a man who deliberately hung around with young women without trying to fuck them.

  4. So what she really means is he didn’t like women like her. Neither do I and I won’t until they take their chubby hands out of the icecream tub.

  5. Never met the man so couldn’t comment on his indifference to women per se, though I imagine there was part of Lagerfeld that viewed models as something he was obliged to hang his clothes on for display purposes. Mrs G. purchased Lagerfeld gear in the old days, when couture (and first class air travel) was affordable to mere mortals. Being a Size 6 also helps. Very little that is beautiful is designed with a heifer like Gold in mind. Giving up booze has done little to improve her demeanour.

  6. Bernie G–That kind of applied to the dead who had been –relatively–decent folk in life.

    I never heard of this geezer until the media said he was dead. In life he seems to have mostly harmed himself rather than others. Unless you count whining women–over whom the fat bird says he had power. Hardly. Were the females compelled to buy his weird offerings? Beaten unless they opened their–husbands most likely–chequebooks? Tied to chairs by the catwalks with “Clockwork Orange” eye arrangements to make them peruse the garments displayed?

    Just more whinging from well-off leftist slags.

  7. hmm bit of a problem for Tanya. There’s no paris soviet deciding “what’s lovely and what’s not”. And some bloke comes along and seemingly does this through the revolutionary power of people agreeing with him.

  8. There was a time, not that long ago, when you didn’t speak ill of the dead

    I doubt the stupid bitch in question has even heard the expression De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est (“Of the dead nothing but good is to be said”), never mind understands the reasons for it.

    We don’t speak ill of the dead because they are unable to defend themselves, nor as Agatha Christie told us in Death on the Nile, can they be libelled.

    Even in the past though when the mainstream press was more reserved about pissing on the corpse while it was still warm they used euphemisms to get their points across. Like “He never married” (he was gay) or “He didn’t suffer fools gladly” (he was a cantankerous old bastard).

    That being said, this was an opinion piece, not an obituary, so the rules restricting Ms. Gold from being an insufferable cunt possibly don’t apply. Then again, opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got one and they all stink.

  9. I think I also would be miserable if I looked like Tanya Gold. And I doubt she likes men, either.

    Still, I’ve long suspected that the predominance of absurdity in catwalk garments is directly linked to the predominance of gay male fashion designers who, presumably, want to try and convert a few wavering chaps by making beautiful young women look as ridiculous and unappealing as possible.

  10. A quick investigation of Tanya Gold discloses that she wasn’t always fat. The simple fact is that she quit smoking in early middle age and gained a boatload of weight. Personally, been there, done that. That isn’t Karl Lagerfeld’s fault. But Gold can’t go there. She clearly isn’t comfortable in her own skin, and rather than take to positive steps necessary to drop some weight, she decides to go full Jessica Valenti and blame EVERYONE ELSE for the fact that she isn’t an attractive woman.

    Whatever, honey. Whatever.

  11. It’s not like female fashion designers hire sensible sized models. The thesis falls apart at that point.

    People selling female bodies to men go for large breasted on the whole. Sour faced fashion models wouldn’t cut it.

    It’s women being targeted with the fashion industry, not men.

  12. Chester Draws,

    “People selling female bodies to men go for large breasted on the whole. Sour faced fashion models wouldn’t cut it.”

    Well, fashion models are stick thin just because they’re walking coat hangers.

    But, the most unrealistic photographs of women are in media sold to women, not men. Porn is pretty tolerant of a few imperfections and doesn’t tend to bother retouching.

    I think it’s that men actually like flesh-and-blood women with sex appeal like Liz Hurley and Kate Beckinsale, and women like these dead-eyed, soulless, perfect robots like Gwyneth Paltrow. I see women on the train who have tried to do something with makeup to make their faces look like it’s really smooth, but all they do is make themselves look unfeminine and fake.

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