It may well be honey

Today a coalition of women’s healthcare organisations and Royal Colleges have written to the national broadcaster demanding its ban on providing information about abortion is reviewed.

“Abortion is not a ‘contentious issue’ — it is a routine part of NHS-funded healthcare, provided by doctors, nurses and midwives every day in hospitals and clinics across the country,” they write.

It’s still contentious. To prove that it isn’t you’d have to prove that there were no votes against the most recent changes to abortion law when it went through Parliament….

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  1. “At the end of the programme viewers affected by the issues raised were encouraged to visit the BBC Action Line, which provides advice on sensitive topics featured in the corporation’s programmes.”

    God, if there’s one thing I loathe, it’s the dreaded ‘If you have been affected by..’ voiceover that seems to pop up on just about every drams show these days.

  2. Do this mean that the Beeb, which has its own policy on everything else in politics, eschews a policy on abortion?

    Or does it mean that however biased its programmes might be about abortion, it avoids “providing information”?

    Personally my preferred policy for the Beeb is an annual decimation.

  3. BBCSpeak

    Contentious = generally accepted by the great unwashed but we and our fellow snowflakes and bien pensants don’t, so we reserve the right to rake over all the non-issues and produce misleading statistics to ensure ‘the debate’ is never settled

  4. Raising awareness = 1) creating non-jobs, 2) silencing you

    Promoting a debate = working out how to silence you

    Non-contentious = la-la-la I can’t hear you and would not care about your views if I could

    Has no place in our society = shut up

    Outdated = shut up, bigot

    Discredited = shut up, stupid

  5. I think I agree. The BBC should broadcast information about abortion.
    Perhaps a graphic TV segment about how exactly they pull the baby apart? Or some details on how we can have our beloved NHS trying it’s best to keep a 20 week premature baby alive because it’s wanted, while in the room next door they are cheerfully killing another 20 week old baby inside it’s mother because it isn’t wanted?

    Possibly a factual program on the total moral difference between a child 1 minute after birth and some “products of conception” a minute before birth.

    Oh, it wasn’t that sort of information they wanted to have broadcast…

  6. On the subject of abortion, I tend to bear the imprint of the last person who sat on me. But what it is not and can never be is a triviality, something to be dismissed as of no moment or, as that awful bint put it in Tom’s post the other day, “I’ve had the odd abortion”. If it can be justified, it is never less than a terrible thing.

  7. @Edward Lud, your two posts today draw my utmost approbation. Both excellent, each in it’s own way. Thank you.

  8. John Dongguan

    “Midwives do abortions?”


    Who do you think was performing all those ‘Back Street Abortions’ in the bad old days?

  9. Who do you think was performing all those ‘Back Street Abortions’ in the bad old days?

    I think I saw a documentary about this. It was someone called Vera Drake.

  10. “Abortion is not a ‘contentious issue’”

    Splain ‘women’s healthcare organisations’ when you mean abortion clinics.

    Funny how ‘women’s healthcare organisations’ don’t do anything BUT abortions.

  11. “Abortion is more than a ‘contentious issue’ ” or to use BBC speak “controversial” practice; for most RCs many other Christians and others abortion is abhorrent and a sin.

    Next we’ll have the MCfB demanding BBC explain how to do FGM as it’s not a ‘contentious issue’ for them.

  12. @Tim W et al


    May be of interest
    Channel4 – Dispatches.2019.02.11.HS2.The.Great.Train.Robbery.480p.x264-mSD 25min 138MB

  13. @Pcar
    Dispatches is also on All4 (advert break, but no adverts). It’s about 2/3 how grotty trains are oop North, and 1/3 what a disaster HS2 has been/will be. They seem to struggle to find anyone with a good word to say for it, even the CEO of HS2 Ltd didn’t make much of an effort (presumably he gets a huge payoff if it gets canned).

    The consensus seemed to be that it will be built as far as Birmingham and no further, which all agreed would be the worst possible outcome. I tend to agree, but still live in hope that May might be replaced by a clean pair of hands, who could take this tired old nag round the back of the barn and put a bullet between its eyes.

  14. @Chris

    Not watched yet, thanks for review.

    Torrent mainly for expat Tim W in Portugal, bis etc and “want to keep”

    HS2: EU mandated White Elephant – ignore sunk costs and bin

  15. “Funny how ‘women’s healthcare organisations’ don’t do anything BUT abortions.”

    Thirty seconds on Google would tell you that isn’t true.

  16. And another 30 seconds would tell you that they do a small number of other things almost entirely so they can say that they don’t just do abortions.

    In the US they do lots of very cheap things at huge mark-up to effectively launder government funding to pay abortions in the US, where the government can’t officially fund abortion except in very limited circumstances.

  17. Women’s healthcare organisations have no more to do with women, or with organisations, for that matter, than echruemcough rape gangs have to do with men, or men of a particular stripe, or, frankly, with human beings.

    Nothing has anything to do with anything.

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