It’s not there yet, still only at stage two

Iranian “morality police” were forced to fire warning shots when a crowd intervened to prevent them from arresting two women for not wearing a hijab.

The incident occurred in Tehran’s northeastern Narmak neighbourhood on Friday night, and ended with a mob tearing the door off a police vehicle, Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported.

“Morality patrol police members had warned two young women who did not have proper hijab. Within a few minutes, a group of citizens gathered around to prevent the transfer of the two women [into custody],” a police official told the agency.


The crowd physically preventing them, yes, that’s stage two. Stage three, and victory, is when everyone simply laughs at the presumption that the Guardians do, or should, have any authority at all.

12 thoughts on “It’s not there yet, still only at stage two”

  1. Those warning shots though. If they’d lowered the barrel… Probably a good idea to take those guns from the morality guardians. Otherwise stage 2 to 3 might be a bit gory.

  2. was thinking the same. You need quite a lot of stage 2 incidents were the barrels are not lowered before you can progress to stage 3.

    Indeed, if it looks like stage 3 might become a thing, those barrels may yet be lowered and you will be smartly back to stage 1. Or 0.

  3. Hmmm… I don’t know much about the situation in Iran right at the moment (nor these stages spoken of here*) other than economic issues and bit of societal change since the revolution, but perhaps the powers-that-be in Iran are in a bit of a fix and are effectively ‘stuck’ on level 2 (i.e. could a regression back to level 1 or 0 engender more protests they could not handle?). Looks like this is only going in 1 direction (eventually) there…

    * Learned friends – what are these stages? Never heard of this before – tried to Google (and Duck-Duck-Go) along the lines of ‘stages of revolution / counter-revolution’, but all responses are clogged up with stuff about France and Russia with seemingly multiple stages (unsurprisingly!)… What’s this 3 stage thingy?

  4. You’re being very naive about this, Tim. In the Middle East politics is a full contact sport. Derision will not do the job in Iran. There is going to be blood shed – lots of it – before the average Iranian has the luxury of laughing off the mullahs.

  5. The current rulers came to power on the back of a revolution and its still fresh in their memories. They won’t give up power lightly or bloodlessly.

    Even if they do, recent (or even long term) history of the region doesn’t bode well and they’ll just end up with another load of shits.

  6. We laugh, but we have our own ‘Morality police’, with the full backing of media, cultural elite and government. Why not? The police, with rare exceptions in history, have been the people who impose the will of the rulers on the others, regardless of ‘Law’. The temptation to use them is very hard to resist.

  7. From memory, North Eastern Tehran is the upmarket quarter with a fairly active nightlife and a fairly cosmopolitan crowd, whereas the morality police are drawn from the lower orders. Suspect this was deliberately stretching the bounds of what is possible under the current regime.

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