Just a little one

Maybe not a good one but it is little:

Because Donald Trump Has Friends

6 thoughts on “Just a little one”

  1. Wrong verdict imo
    I’m happy for people to undertake whatever bizarre modifications of their own body they wish (although some sort of sanity test might be advisable), as long as I don’t have to pay for them through the NHS. But they must be carried out by a suitably qualified medical practitioner, not some random bloke in a tattoo parlour, otherwise the NHS may be left to pick up the mess.

  2. @Chris

    Good point. However if experienced, but not MD banned; then DIY or a friend/back-street.

    NHS is a diversion from my body, my choice.

  3. ‘as long as I don’t have to pay for them through the NHS’

    If you insist on picking up the tab, you shouldn’t gripe about the cost.

  4. Wrong verdict imo

    It’s basically cosmetic surgery. I don’t think anyone could perform breast implants in a high street shop either.

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