No it isn’t

The answer is that our healthcare system is currently undergoing the greatest structural market reform in the history of its existence, and it’s happening along American healthcare lines.

There’s nothing American at all about how the NHS is being reorganised.

True, ACOs exist in the US. But they’re an attempt to move the US health care system in a more European – continental Europe, not the NHS – direction.

Quite apart from anything else they’re found in Medicare – government paid for medical services.

11 thoughts on “No it isn’t”

  1. The last person I’d trust on the NHS is a fucking GP. These cunts earn £100k a year for a three day week of handing out prescriptions and sicknotes and still can’t spot obvious problems.

  2. Could it be that doctors get a better deal out of civil servants disbursing other people’s money than they could get from the people themselves? If so it would explain their love of nationalisation.

  3. The endless claims that there’s a semi-secret plot to make the NHS more like the woeful American shambles does seem to be a much loved fantasy on the left. I’m just surprised that nobody is yet alleging that it’s the Jews to blame.

  4. “Ameen Kamlana is a GP in east London and an NHS activist”.

    I suppose I should always translate “activist”as ‘shitbag’. Or is that too kind?

    Dr Goebbels was an activist, I suppose. So were Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Lev Davidovich Bronstein, and Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    When a good friend was the manager of a large GP practice in North London the senior doctor made £650k and the most junior £100k+. That was over 10 years ago. Thank Tony Blair for stuffing their mouths with even more gold.


    Every time I come across a claim that the Tories are trying to privatise the NHS I ask for a link to a credible site that has proof. Shuts them up every time.

  6. “that puts people before profit.”

    @PJF: the people he’s thinking about aren’t the patients, they’re the people who work in the NHS. Thats what they’re worried about by a private system – their cushy little number might be disrupted and they might either lose their jobs or have to work harder. The patients can go hang, they already do in the NHS………………

  7. @Bloke in North Dorset February 9, 2019 at 10:19 am

    Gas (N2O) and air did nothing for me; but even Lignocaine requires 50-100% extra to work on me

  8. MC,

    “The last person I’d trust on the NHS is a fucking GP. These cunts earn £100k a year for a three day week of handing out prescriptions and sicknotes and still can’t spot obvious problems.”

    They’re a waste of money. I find pharmacists are just as good at diagnosing. If a pharmacist doesn’t have a clue, a GP won’t either and will refer you to a specialist. So the only reason I have to go to a GP is that they’re the gatekeepers for scripts and referrals. I know what they’re going to tell me. Because the pharmacist or Dr Google told me the same thing.

    Here’s how I think things should be organised: more specialists: ENTs, leg doctors, arse doctors. Maybe not as senior as current specialists, but you know the problem is in your arse or in your ear. We all manage to go to Halfords for washer fluid or Kwik-Fit for an exhaust for our cars. Why do we have to waste time and money on generalists?

    GPs seem like a hangover of a bygone age when everyone was shagging their cousins and you had one medic for the whole market town.

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