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Ritchie should but Ritchie won’t

Tax reliefs, terrible things, they deprive the government of necessary funds, restrict the good it can do, cause austerity.

And we really shouldn’t be subsidising the consumption of energy now, should we? Not in this world of climate change. In fact, that reduced rate of VAT on energy is part of that $5 trillion we’re said to, globally, use to subsidise fossil fuel consumption. Really, we should stop doing that.

Or maybe we shouldn’t? This being a useful litmus test for those who will try to use these figures. There will indeed be, as there is, shouting about that £4 billion. But that’s as near nothing compared to that £53 billion. So, people who are serious about reducing tax relief so as to reduce austerity – which should they be saying we should do away with? And which will they say we should do away with?

11 thoughts on “Ritchie should but Ritchie won’t”

  1. Gawd! Was the entire piece as incoherent as the extract?
    Far as I can work out, Richie believes not being mugged on the street for your wallet is the equivalent of being gifted with 120 quid & an assortment of credit cards & the beneficiary should be suitably grateful his house wasn’t burgled.

  2. Incoherent isn’t the word for it. Either Murphy has run out of coffee or his meds need adjusting.

  3. Tim, in a word, brilliant! Evan now sit back and watch Ritchie ignore the elephant whilst he’s screaming about the mouse.

  4. And on that theme….

    Little Owen in the Guardian today g has no difficulty decrying Saudi Arabia and all those who deal with her. No shades of grey. No reference to outside interference or colonialism. And certainly no call for dialogue.

    Of no. For Saudi is not Venezuela. Venezuela is not to be mentioned. Comment does not macht frei when Own is writing the column

  5. Of course raising the vat on gas and electricity is going to be helpful to those at the lower end of the income scale. What’s a few deaths due to hypothermia against the mantra of climate change/global warming. Of course the green new deal will provide everyone with super duper “free energy” 24/7 subject to that unhelpful thing called the british climate (which under ritchies plans will be abolished ) Plus spending £85000 per house to make them more insulated will be a bargain. Or of course according to the doomsayers if we do fuck all it will get warmer anyway.
    @DTP – I doubt the potato ever goes to see a doctor – being a genius means that he can diagnose himself. He has and has found himself to be perfect. He actually described himself as a really pleasant person who can get on with anyone in one of his more delusional moments

  6. The mentality of these loonies – the EU taxes fuel at 20%, but we are permitted to tax at ‘only’ 5% for domestic use, and this 15% difference is a ‘subsidy’?

    We tax some people at 40% on their income, but most of the population at only 20%. Why are these people getting a massive subsidy from the government?

    These people are mentally ill.

  7. Murphy foresees a Brave New World for mankind, without realising that he is of the epsilon semi-moron class

  8. So all cooked meat in the shops should be viable to VAT @20% instead of 0% on the cost of the fuel required to cook it?
    Yes, that will massively increase the need for tax inspectors belonging to the union that pays Murphy to write these rants.
    Any guesses as to why he has written that?

  9. @ john77 I don’t think Pcs (the tax union ) will have anything to do with him . McDonnell was always a big supporter of pcs, so the potato is now a non person. Plus he was always sucking up to senior management. The fda the union for senior staff, might be full of bastards but they are pretty intelligent so won’t put up with a low grade brain like the spud, pretend professor or not

  10. “We tax some people at 40% on their income, but most of the population at only 20%. Why are these people getting a massive subsidy from the government?”

    Its just the tip of the iceberg of their real argument (or assertion) that the State owns everything and anything it allows you to keep is a gift to you, ie a subsidy. If it so chose it could remove all your income and wealth and enslave you, and that would be perfectly OK.

    These people are the very definition of evil.

  11. All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. Benito Mussolini got there first.

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