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Seems reasonable enough

Man Tips Servers $22K in Hotel Bar, Gets Arrested

Joel Boyers was removed from the JW Marriot bar in Nashville on Monday and charged with public intoxication

I don’t think I could be drunk enough to tip that much.

7 thoughts on “Seems reasonable enough”

  1. I assume that this was paid by card and he didn’t just leave $22,000 on the bar. In which case, perhaps he thought he was entering $s and ¢s?

  2. Freudian slip there

    But you have that much to tip if you were so inclined eh Tim?

    Simply not having enough to drink stops you!

    Hmmm. This freelance blogger lark pays better than I thought

  3. He got arrested for being drunk with a gun.

    Oh course, if you put that in your headline, you have no click bait, do you?


  4. I left a $300 tip in a Nashville bar once.

    If I remember right.

    It was a company meeting. I was the big boss. I still have the Tennessee Tea mug.

  5. If I had the money, I could be drunk enough to do that. Thankfully, if I was drunk enough to do that I would long past *capable* of doing it.

    Being a lightweight has saved me from a lot of bad choices over the years.

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