Shami can tell us why

Outside the Labour Party the incidence has fallen to zero.

Antisemitic incidents in UK at record high for third year in a row

5 thoughts on “Shami can tell us why”

  1. ” Antisemitic incidents in UK at record high…”

    The amount of media devoted to ‘anti semitism’ and ‘islamophobia’ compared to that devoted to the rape and sexual abuse of English girls by organised gangs of black and brown men might make an interesting study.

  2. “The main photo on this article was changed to accurately reflect the story.” Does anyone here know what that’s about?

    Was the original photo of a Labour politician in a Nazi uniform? Or what?

  3. dearieme

    The original photo was of disgruntled and protesting Palestinians hemmed in by vile Israeli Zionist barbed wire.

  4. Thanks, R.

    Do you remember ITV News’ film of Bosnians hemmed in by Serbian barbed wire? It turned out that the Bosnians were outside the barbed wire and the ITV camera was inside the barbed wire, which was a fence set up to protect an electrical sub-station. Or something like that, anyway. The camera ever lies.

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