So, Sarah Wollaston then

Shows the value of those open primaries then, dun’tshe? The perfection of sticking a non-Tory in as a Tory MP.

Well done sirrahs.

15 thoughts on “So, Sarah Wollaston then”

  1. Wollaston was originally an on-message Leave supporter. The local gossip goes that, Cameron, who engineered her selection in the first place, dangled the prospect of a ministerial role in the government if she switched. The girl obliged, but her benefactor then lost the battle and ran away. A second U turn was out the question and it was all downhill from there on. Wollaston is a lead promoter of a second referendum, also suggesting the franchise be extended to 16 year olds, resident European nationals, and British ex-pats. If that doesn’t do the trick, then cats and dogs too. Needless to say her chance of success in the next general election have been greatly diminished.

  2. I only realised this morning that she only joined the Tory Party a relatively short time prior to when she was elected (looks like she joined in 2006 and then took part in the open primary in 2009, which she won to become candidate) – hardly a life-long member. And she has the cheek to talk about entryism in the Tory Party.

  3. suggesting the franchise be extended to 16 year olds

    One thing that struck me as amusing is in the Guardian etc. the same people who believe that 16 year olds should vote also believe this ‘jihadi bride’, whatever her name is, is too young to be held accountable for her actions and should come home for cuddles.

  4. The Jihadi bride should be allowed back into the UK, banged up as a hostile combatant, thoroughly interrogated, put on trial for being a member of the Daesh, locked up after the guilty bitch has been tried and the key thrown away.

  5. Woolly is scum. Typical CCHQ parachutist. If Tory members want their Party back a march a takeover/occupation of CCHQ is essential. The Uni leftist connections need to be exposed and the entire Senior Civil Service fired en masse etc if the members want their Party back. Oh and Common Purpose banned, hunted down and destroyed.

  6. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Woolaston used to be quite sensible and so it is not a surprise that she won the primary, especially if she was up against a 50 year old accountant called Trevor, or something.
    Then she suddenly went full on Remain and went galopping down the path to Loonyville. A bit like thar Warsi woman who is now an utter nutter.
    Can they be recalled ? They are too cowardly to stand for a Peoples Vote in their constituencies.
    Anyway good riddance, lose a few more and I might consider voting Tory again (and I’d like to state that I always made a point of coming home to vote in a GE).

  7. “…also suggesting the franchise be extended to European nationals…”
    But we’re not asking if Europeans want to leave the EU, we’re asking if the UK wants to leave the EU.

  8. euk? What happened there? Anyway….
    Did the Irish ask the British if the Irish could leave the UK? No, the Irish decided if the Irish would leave the UK.
    Did the Americans ask the British if the Americans could leave the British Empire? No, the Americans decided if the Americans could leave the British.
    Did the Algerians ask the French if the Algerians could leave the French state? No, the Algerians decided if the Algerians could leave the French.

    Sometimes these morons do need educating with a brick.

  9. Soubry, Woolly and Allen are bare-faced liars. The problem for the Tories is not ‘entryism’, but ‘exitism’. Members have deserted the Conservative Party in droves since the likes of Cameron, May and Soubry became the face of the party.

    If the ERG really did take over the party then you’d likely see large numbers of new members joining.

  10. Surely it shows the (lack) of value of having just one open primary rather than having open primaries for each election cycle.

  11. The problem with open primaries is the intervention by the enemy to support a fifth columnist or someone who is so stupid or so extreme that they are bound to lose the seat. Mostly we worry about the latter but it seems that the former was the case in Devonshire.

  12. I guess Woolaston reckoned she had no chance at the next GE. If you walk round Brixham, as I’ve done recently, then it becomes pretty obvious what her chances would be there. I expect these ‘Independents’ will all have to look for other constituencies to try for next time. It’ll be interesting too to see if any recall activities in their constituencies grow legs.

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