That’s over here

Owen Jones and his suggestion that is.

As Andrew C points out:

Off topic but hilarious:

“Let’s give citizens free cash to save not-for-profit journalism”
says Owen Jones

Not for profit journalism being one thing I concede that Owen Jones and the Guardian are experts in.


For Owen is insisting that this £10 billion be spent upon his mates. Instead of £10 billion being spent upon what we want. You know, us out there, us whose money is being allocated. That we all have £200 more a year to allocate as we wish is a great idea. But what if our preferred allocation doesn’t include any form of media. Instead of a Pigeon Fanciers’ Monthly subscription, we’d prefer a few pigeon chicks? Instead of reams more of snowflake outpourings we’d prefer to Easyjet to the Alps for real snowflakes? What if, and perish the very thought of it of course, our desires for spending our money don’t conform to what Jones thinks it all should be spent upon?

Fortunately, we’ve a method of dealing with this. Jut cut taxes by £200 a head. Then we all go spend that on whatever it is that we want and not what Owen Jones thinks we should have. Everyone’s happy here – other than Owen and seriously folks, who gives a damn about that?

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  1. Owen Jones has it in his power to singlehandedly raise the average standard of journalism in the UK. He could quit.

  2. What about if , off the back of your meeja exposure, you trouser vast payments for your crappy book .
    Guido 2015 estimated that Jones made..”a cool half-a-million quid in the last 12 months…”
    Owen Jones reputedly listened to George Formby records at night so as to keep his working class accent whilst at Oxford .
    I like him.

  3. You are just talking to exercise your middle-class treasonous Adam’s apple Facepainter. Standard EU-sucking traitor NAH NAH NA NAH NA. All you have left you pathetic scumbag.

    But by all means help such shite as your fellow Remainiac turd Jones to triumph. So long as I get a set of photos of your blubbering mug when he and shite just like him take all your middle-class ( prob EU-filled ricebowl) wealth away from you.

    Said photos to be framed and hung on the wall like a row of ducks.

  4. “Not for profit journalism being one thing I concede that Owen Jones and the Guardian are experts in.”
    -and those that actually do make money out of it e.g. Rupert, are crazy ideologues.

  5. this is always my thing about subsidising the arts. “The poor can’t afford it”. “OK, let’s just give the poor an extra £50 each so they have the opportunity to go to the opera if they want. You’d support that, right?”

    Funnily enough, I don’t get a ringing endorsement for this. Probably because the poor would rather go and see How to Train Your Dragon (and except for about half a dozen operas this is the right choice).

  6. Mr Ecks – The anti Europe campaign in 75 was headed by Enoch Powell and Tony Benn.Todays Bennites , notably J Corbyn have been as indefatigably opposed to the EU as they are to Israel and the Good ol USA.
    Owen Jones has been a Luke-warm remainer and supported the Corbyn line when push comes to shove , his only contribution is to try to change the subject
    So , you Ecks ,in addition to being allied with every Tolkien reading MC Universe inhabiting , costume wearing sexually frustrated little weirdo of the right, you are also bezzies with the hard left and its little gay Lord Haw Haw Mr O Jones

    Don`t fancy yours much ,as they say

  7. I think the sooner events can be bought to a head in Venezuela the sooner we can begin the process of extraditing both Owen Jones and Diane Abbott to Caracas to begin the genuine treason trial that Ecks suggested. It would even get the Conservatives my vote if May were to suggest it….

  8. “Let’s give citizens some of their own cash back , after pocketing a big wedge of it to fund the exercise, to save not-for-profit journalism”


  9. BonM4: interestingly, the poorest estate in Sheffield runs an amateur operatic society. Puts on damn good plays. Packs the city hall.

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  11. Before I destroy your drivel Facepainter you are going to have to supply an English translation. If that incoherent non-sequitur cockrot is what fills your head you would be better off were it entirely empty.

  12. I’m trying to think, Ecksian solutions aside, what an appropriate level of punishment for the Childe Owen might be.

    I’m musing that being condemned to spend the rest of _their_ lives as the bottom / BDSM sub co-“star” in Rocco’s Polly / Murphy series might be a bit lenient.

  13. “Let’s give citizens free cash to save not-for-profit journalism”

    Excellent; I will use mine for annual subscriptions to:

    Practical Classics, Racecar Engineering and The Spectator

  14. Pcar,

    I was musing the BBC tax recently and decided that we probably can’t get rid of it at one fell swoop, but there’s no reason why all of it should go to the BBC.

    The BBC’s remit is education, entertainment and news. If we assume an equal divide and that the news bit will be hardest to get rid of, as a first step we should be able to allocate our education and entertainment portions to services that we actually use. There’s loads of good stuff out there which I would like to support more eg Sam Harris as he doesn’t carry ads but I see no reason why content that carries ads should be exempt, Quillette, loads of good stuff behind pay walls like Patreon etc.

    There’s nothing stopping the people supporting BBC if that’s what they want. Might make the BBC a bit more responsive as well.

    I know there’ll be lots of screeching about supporting right wing content, so what, but there’s no reason why Ofcom couldn’t run a database of approved stuff that could be supported. We submit who we want our money to go to and its up to them to object with an independent appeals process.

    I stress that this is a first step to scrapping it and it needs a bit more thinking.

  15. And we could always have a “bonfire of the vouchers”; if our ‘betters’ won’t let us vote for anybody sensible.

  16. @BiND

    I agree, can’t get rid of BBC at one fell swoop

    My preference is sell/close all but BBC1 & Radio4 and sell Channel4 too.

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