This is actually English, I assure you

Waar was jy rope in Bouga luv


The Waar Was Jy organisers have roped in legendary Kwaito artist, Kabelo Mabalane to spice things up for next month’s show.


Bouga Luv, as the TKZ member is known,

Make sense now?

7 thoughts on “This is actually English, I assure you”

  1. A big band here at one stage was Fokofpolisiekar. Even Google translate should get that one. All pale faces, I think.

  2. Just sat on Qantas Q63, Sydney to Johannesburg, shall be listening to quite a variety of English for the next 10 days.

  3. This is why punctuation is so important, or in this case just simple capitalisation of names.
    “Waar Was Jy rope in Bouga Luv” at least gives an indication that some proper nouns rope in some other proper nouns. Even if we are all clueless on the subject still.

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