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The newborn baby of Shamima Begum is a British citizen and could return to the UK despite the teenage mother losing her citizenship over her support for the terror group Isil, according to lawyers.

For there’s a concept similar to anchor babies in EU law. Mother of an EU citizen under 18 presumptively gains EU residence…..

They say not but I don’t believe them:

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum will be barred from using her baby’s British citizenship as a backdoor route to return to the UK, Government sources have indicated.

It emerged on Wednesday that the newborn baby of Ms Begum, who left east London to join Islamic state in Syria four years ago, is a British citizen because he was born at the weekend before his 19-year old mother was stripped of her British citizenship on Tuesday.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed the boy’s status to MPs: “If a parent does lose their British citizenship it does not affect the rights of their child.”

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  1. This is all theatre. They know that in the end she will have to return but they want to look hard so they can point at those nasty ‘uman rights lawyers and organisations that made them do it.

    Far better to start looking for the evidence that will be used to lock her up and throw the key away and say that not a penny of tax funds will be used to bring her home.

  2. I heard Macron’s speech last night. Apparently 2/5ths of the French population believe in a global Zionist conspiracy. Also, there are multiple locations in France where teachers aren’t safe teaching about the Holocaust. And places that Jewish families are fleeing.

    What happens when the immune system can’t keep up any more?

  3. Not many of the beardie imports among the YJs. The French have very little time left before imported votes are the kingmakers. Those voting rights need to go or the left’s evil wins until enough extra beards arrive and then Sharia wins. At least a lot of leftists will die screaming. The only bright spot in the entire evil left-created mess.

    As for the kid–take his citizenship away . Why nurture future foes.

  4. The baby can’t return the to UK, it’s never been here. It can *COME* to the UK, but it can’t *RETURN*.

    Additionally, the babbie is Dutch through its father, so has right of entry to Cloggland.
    Plus, by blood yeah unto the third generation, the babbie is Bangladeshi, though the Bangladeshis are doing their utmost to prevent the mother asserting her birthright.

  5. Have the rules for citizenship changed? When I was working alongside the RAF in Germany any baby born to a Brit was given a German birth certificate, even if the birth took place in the RAF hospital. In order to get a British passport for the baby an application had to be made to the British embassy.

  6. Mr Womby,

    The rules are different in different countries.

    If you were born in Germany you get a German birth certificate because you were born in Germany.. Your citizenship is irrelevant, your birth is registered with the local authorities wherever the event takes place.

    However, you are only a German citizen at birth if at least one parent is a German citizen at the time of your birth. So a sprog born to two British parents in Germany is British, despite having a German birth certificate.

    Fortunately, Britain recognises the children of British citizens born overseas as British, otherwise the child would be born stateless.

    Now, being a British Citizen, if you want a British passport, you obviously have to apply for it (and it does tend to be embassies rather than hospital maternity wards that handle this sort of bureaucracy). Whether you are born in Clacton or Cologne makes no difference to this.

  7. Does Shamina’s baby have a birth certificate, issued by a recognised local hospital? Do we really trust the paperwork issued by a rogue state?

    Overall this sounds like a massive loophole. A parent in a corrupt country could choose to name as father some distant relative who happens to have UK citizenship. Eighteen years later, the kid turns up at the British embassy with his birth certificate, “says here my dad’s a Brit, give me my passport”.

  8. BiG, it get’s more complicated than that. I’ve been looking into getting passports for my two born in Philippines.

    They can get UK citizenship because I’m a UK citizen, same as your example with a kid born in Germany to two Brits. But… because the child isn’t born in the UK they are what is called a ‘citizen by descent’ if a citizen by descent has a child outside the UK with another citizen of descent or a non UK citizen then that child doesn’t get UK citizenship. e.g. in your example if the kid of the two Brits in Germany had a child with someone else in the same birth history and that child was say born in China then the kid would be stateless (although I think maybe in such an extreme situation they might get British citizenship anyway).

  9. How to deal with Shamima Begum

    She betrayed her fellow citizens. We should decide what happens next.

    First, we should update and reform the law of treason to place the public at the heart of how these issues are resolved. Sentencing criminals is usually done by a judge, using precedent. Here there is no precedent. A judge has no greater moral ability to determine Begum’s fate than anyone else. We need, at least, for the tribunal that tries Begum to be formed by a jury with the power both to convict and sentence her. This would be a new kind of court, but these are new kinds of adjudications…

    The shame of those siding with Shamima Begum

  10. @Mr Womby,
    My children were born in BMHs in Germany, but as their births were registered in the nearest British Consulate, they retained British citizenship. There were fellow Service personnel who registered their children’s births at the local Rathaus and the children ended up as either German nationals or having dual citizenship, which caused problems when they were posted back to UK.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    We had to be very careful when my ire was pregnant as we were living in Platres and it was a. Long journey to TPMH, Akrotiri. To be on the safe side she was admitted 5 days before he was due.

    Being born in Cyprus, as opposed to the SBAs could have serious consequences, such as being liable for Cypriot conscription.

  12. Dongguan John said:
    “But… because the child isn’t born in the UK they are what is called a ‘citizen by descent’ if a citizen by descent has a child outside the UK with another citizen of descent or a non UK citizen then that child doesn’t get UK citizenship”

    This is the law that lost the Durrells their British citizenship. Fully English ancestry as far back as you can look, but their great-grandparents had worked for the Raj, so all four of their grandparents had been born in India. When this law came in (1960s attempt to restrict immigration from the sub-continent), Gerry went to Jersey to set up his zoo (where they don’t care about your nationality so long as you’ve got enough money) and Larry took French citizenship (the Frogs liking to turn their noses up at the Brits by taking in one of our ‘great writers’).

  13. Additionally, Syria doesn’t give citizenship by soil, you only get Syrian citizenship through paternal blood, so Shamima Begum’s baby’s only citizenship is through blood.

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