To make the obvious joke

Women’s brains are ‘four years younger’ than men’s, study finds

Presumably because they’re used less and thus wear out less.

10 thoughts on “To make the obvious joke”

  1. I was always advised that women only have the one brain between the lot of ’em.The secret is knowing who’s using it this week & avoiding her.
    Worked well enough, so far…

  2. I am reminded of the marvellous piece in Borat where our hero explains to a group of middle aged American feminists that “ government scientist, he has proved women have brain size of squirrel’…..

  3. ““ government scientist, he has proved women have brain size of squirrel’…..”

    Those government scientists and their genetically engineered giant mutant squirrels…

    It’s technically true, of course. The Laotian giant flying squirrel has a mass of 1.8 kg while the average human brain has a mass of 1.2-1.4 kg.

    And it depends which particular men and women you’re talking about. The brains of a group of 34-year old women are 4 years younger than the brains of a group of 38-year old men.

    Of course, if you read the article, it says that women’s brains are found to be 3.8 years younger than men’s of the same age, but men’s brains are 2.4 years older than women’s of the same age. To quote Barbie: “Math class is tough!”

  4. The sample size is utterly inadequate – 84 women spread over a 60+ age-span means most ages have only 1 woman and only one or two men. The project should have been binned at outset.
    NiV spots an interesting pair of “statistics” resulting from this

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