Um, what?

The painting is thought to represent the patron saint of lawyers and advocate of the poor. The figure appears to be holding what the gallery describes as “a legal document, which would be appropriate for Saint Ivo”.

Yes, I know, odd mixtures of things that saints are patrons of at times. But really, lawyers and the poor? Is it actually possible to be patron of two things quite as in opposition as that? SPUC and Planned Parenthood perhaps?

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  1. The Eric Hebborn story is interesting. I wonder if in a few hundred years his forgeries will be worth millions (or billions by then) and forgers will we creating forgeries of his forgeries….

    Isn’t that how Michaelangelo started out?

  2. Blame it on shoddy reading of Wiki. St Ivo of Kermartin

    ” is the patron of Brittany, lawyers and abandoned children. His feast day is 19 May. Poetically, he is referred to as “Advocate of the Poor”.”

    Abandoned children, parental rights etc are all in the realm of lawyers

  3. St Lawrence was martyred by being burned alive on a griddle. After a while he called out: “Turn me over, I’m done this side!”
    He is therefore the patron saint of chefs and comedians.

  4. A patron saint of lawyers? But presumably no patron saint for their clients. There seems no limit to the bollocks Catholics will believe. And one wonders Chavez & Maduro got elected in Venezuela?

  5. Patron saints of lawyers include

    Genesius (also actors and clowns)
    Thomas More (also politicians and civil servants)
    Raymond of Penyafort

    It is possible that tanners have even more patron saints. I suppose lawyers can achieve bizarre things that can be classed as miracles (successfully defending Jeremy Thorpe, Grenville Janner, Ken Dodd and Peter Adamson surely comes into that league, especially since Adamson confessed his guilt later on)

    As for tanners, a good waterproof pair of shoes probably achieves miraculous status

  6. ST Barbara also is the patron saint of artillerymen and miners – anyone who uses explosives. All on account of having her father blown up with a lightning strike!

    Just like St Benedict being patron of, inter alia, Europe and Land-reclaimers. No SHit Sherlock.

  7. “Blame it on shoddy reading of Wiki. St Ivo of Kermartin…”

    Keep reading.

    On his return to Brittany, having received minor orders he was appointed an “official”, the title given to an ecclesiastical judge, of the archdeanery of Rennes (1280). He protected orphans and widows, defended the poor, and rendered fair and impartial verdicts. It’s said that even those on the losing side respected his decisions. Ivo also represented the helpless in other courts, paid their expenses and visited them in prison. He earned the title “Advocate of the Poor.” Although it was common to give judges “gifts,” Ivo refused bribes. He often helped disputing parties settle out of court so they could save money.

    You can see why he got canonized!

  8. “Thomas More (also politicians and civil servants)”

    Proving that at least one former pope had a wicked sense of humour.

    “He often helped disputing parties settle out of court so they could save money.”

    Was he murdered brutally by the paramilitary wing of the bar association?

  9. Inscription I vaguely remember, relevant here:

    Saint Yvo, un Breton
    Avocat et non larron

    Somewhere in Megarry I think

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