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Umm, well….

It’s unbelievable but apparently true: America’s intensifying wealth inequality has created a class of hyper-rich men who act like cartoon villains. Bored of their soft and pampered lives, they literally turn to torturing women for fun.

That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not.

Amanduh does tell us it’s not an exaggeration…..

28 thoughts on “Umm, well….”

  1. “There are further hints that this brothel, which charged $79 an hour for sex with women who authorities say weren’t being paid, was a favorite of the monied class generally. ”

    Yep. Unbelievable.
    79 bucks an hour’s pretty well crack-whore rates. Who’d be renting out ho’s for 79 an hour/ Wouldn’t cover your overheads.

  2. Kraft is a friend of TRUMPPPPP. Quelle horreur!
    Epstein a friend of Billy Clit, but that little nugget is left out.
    and the two cases have nothing to do with each other.

    I cannot believe that uber-rich American men are paying $79/hour for sex. As our friend down south, who we believe to be somewhat more versed in these things than us, says ‘crack-whore rates’. Dat’s gross!

    $790/hour could be, couldn’t it bis?

  3. Billionairs bad unless they are lefty supporting such as zuckerberg/soros etc. Also according to this harridan the fact that Trump believes in the presumption of innocent unless proved guilty is also bad. Orange Man ( and friends) BAD

  4. Progressives: Sex work is real work! What consenting adults do with their genitals is no concern of yours, Xtian bigots! Legalise prostitution now. #ethicalsluts

    Also Progressives: A rich white guy got a handjob? Raaaaappppeeee!

  5. A lot of salt needed since these are the same leftoid media hacks who brought us Smollett and shite-smeared Uni swastikas etc.

  6. Even so, $79 for a massage if you’re a billionaire?

    If you can afford it, never do a rub-a-tug shop. The police love to go for these places – a whole load of people they can bust, a place in town for outside photos that is in the neighbourhood and makes a good story. And they know if they turn up any time, they’ll bust someone.

    Escort with an apartment doesn’t work for them.

  7. ‘Wealth inequality is turning super-rich into comic-book villains’

    Kraft going to a brothel makes him a ‘comic book villain.’


    ‘America’s intensifying wealth inequality has created a class of hyper-rich men who act like cartoon villains.’

    Kraft went to a brothel. What’s this cartoon villain shit?

    ‘Bored of their soft and pampered lives, they literally turn to torturing women for fun.’

    He went to a brothel. What’s this ‘torturing women’ shit?

    Marcotte doesn’t like Trump. She has swallowed the ‘income inequality’ mushroom. Which has made her deranged. Her article is hasty generalizations and non sequiturs. Great way to make a living.

    Salon isn’t embarrassed.

  8. they literally turn to torturing women for fun

    I thought there might be horrible revelations after this. But no, just a load of old shit.

  9. From Ted’s link:

    Six months is a long time, however, and it’s hard to reconcile the cops’ timeline with their heroic rhetoric. If the women employed at these businesses were really the victims of “modern slavery,” why did police take six months to get them out of that situation? Why did it require repeat intimate undercover visits and building misdemeanor prostitution charges against all sorts of random men before these “heroes” decided to intervene?

    Its a complete mystery, why cops would want to visit a brothel multiple times so they’d have to sully their minds while looking at scantily dressed women

  10. These globalist billionaires are happy to drive down wages by importing immigrants en masse – perhaps the $79 per hour is another field they have worked their magic on.

  11. To answer my northern neighbour’s question, above:
    “$790/hour could be, couldn’t it bis?”
    Broadly speaking prossies charge similar rates to lawyers. Depends on the case. Something trivial & straightforward or more complex & needing expertise. Reputations are, of course, everything.
    So I’ll pass you over to Mr Lud.

  12. Rich people have been using their wealth to indulge their kinks since Og gave Uggette a shiny rock to shave her foot. This isn’t a consequence of “increasing wealth inequality” ffs.

  13. I thought the idea was that wealthy people paid high-priced hookers not so much for the sex but so that they would go away and keep their mouths shut.

  14. I’m guessing $79 an hour is the official retail price for a massage and the “extras” and “other happy endings” are, well…extra.

    Anyone who goes to a rub-n-tug for a massage and nothing more is probably window shopping.

    As others have said, I suspect there will be an additional cash payment up front depending upon services required. Not exactly something you will find on the establishments price board…

  15. Without knowing anything about the particular establishment, I’d guess Mr Galt about has it. Fairly common way of running a knocking shop in jurisdictions don’t allow knocking shops. The massage is 79 to the house, what other payment for services the girl provides she keeps. To legit it, the books will show the girl being paid say the 39 & that’s what she’ll sign for. But she doesn’t actually get paid anything by the house. The whole trick comes to say 150 & the split’s the industry standard. Round about 50/50. Reflects that the girl does the service but the house carries all the overheads, like providing the venue, utilities, advertising….
    The format, even the pricing, tends to be similar across at least the developed world because everyone’s recruiting the labour from what’s essentially a common international labour pool. Markets.
    So, technically, Amanduh’s got it right. The house is charging 79 a trick & the girl doesn’t get paid for it. But that’s the same girl could be clearing 500 bucks a shift.

  16. Mr in Spain, he and I have scarcely been introduced. And besides, my dance card is full.

    Anyway, I hand out free work like smarties.

  17. “Hundreds of men have been charged… The most prominent of these men is Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots and a friend of Donald Trump.”

    So being a friend of Donald Trump is an indictable offence now is it?

  18. “Hundreds of men have been charged in the case for having sex with women whom officials say were being held captive.”

    So: not charged with solicitation, not chaste even with people trafficking. No, the charge is having sex. Brilliant Amunduuuuh

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