Welcome to the gravy train

The next head of the country’s nature watchdog has been accused of being “prejudiced against the countryside” ahead of his formal appointment by the Government.

Tony Juniper – a veteran environmental campaigner and former Green Party candidate – is set to be made chairman of Natural England by the Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Hands up all happy to be paying Tony Juniper a salary?

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the gravy train”

  1. I have been thinking about corruption myself , when a few hero’s have actually thrown their careers and earnings away to do the right thing , you suddenly wonder why we expect so little form the average MP
    .What does he or she actually ” as they are told” mixed with lying and placating so as to retain their earnings , basically .
    Those earnings can be considerable on the Conservative side with tasty board memberships private sector sinecures and what not trousered to the tune of hundreds of thousands a year
    Many of these people depend for their swag only on pleasing a barely sentient blind old gaggle of bewildered octogenarian coffin dodgers who stink out Conservative associations .

    What a mess , the whole useless s thing must fall and TIG is the axe.
    The future is tiggerish and its not the Liberals because ..you don`t have to be liberal , and I am not

  2. Violet Elizabeth Newremonia, do you mean coffin dodgers like Dennis Skinner (86), Paul Flynn (recently deceased at 84), Margaret Beckett (75), Ronnie Campbell (75), Jeremy Corbyn (69)? All well past retirement ages yet enjoying cosy sinecures in the HoC/HoL. Not to mention the cosy EU sinecures your remoaner buddies Mandelson & Kinnock (all of ’em) all enjoy.

    Clearly you are not a liberal. You would have us all live under the yoke of an autocratic, supra-national regime.


  3. Someone hasn’t been taking his meds by the looks of it. Does anyone understand the gibberish Newmania comes out with? I can’t make up my mind where it is masterful trolling or just care in the community failing again…

    Newmania: hero’s

    Indeed. The hero’s what?

  4. @Longrider – he’s da liberal elite innit!

    Re: Mr Juniper, I suspect he is not prejudiced against the countryside as such, just against everyone who lives or works in it, all of whom he’d cheerfully see dead in order to rewild the Dales or whatever.

  5. Is anyone happy paying Michael Gove a salary?

    The twat is completely owned by the lefties running the Department of National Economic Suicide and Ensuring Crushing Misery. So no.

  6. The Tiggers were elected on a platform of implementing the UK exit from the EU. As remainers they have a moral duty to resign and apply for re-election on a remain platform. I suspect that their reluctance to do so is because they know that they would lose. Until they do so they have no legitimacy and deserve nothing but contempt.

  7. Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    Someone hasn’t been taking his meds by the looks of it. Does anyone understand the gibberish Newmania comes out with?

    I just scroll past it like I do with Ecks’ gibberish.

  8. Once Brexit is decided (whatever the outcome may be), the Tiggers will fall apart in nanoseconds, since they have nothing in common except a visceral loathing for anyone who dares to cast a vote in a way of which they personally disapprove. A view they clearly share with Newmoania.

    Since an explicit disdain for the electorate is not normally a vote-winning strategy, they all realise they have no chance of winning an election.

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