Well, if they can do it, good luck to them

Swansea tidal lagoon plan revived – without government funding

There’s a certain lack of detail about how they’re going to do it though….

18 thoughts on “Well, if they can do it, good luck to them”

  1. What a waste. Opportunity cost! I’m sure we could build a couple of decent nuclear power stations for that, with 24/7 electricity for 50 years instead of a silted up lagoon after 20 years. Not impressed!

  2. ‘enough to power about 150,000 homes’

    A standard unit of measure.

    Intermittency of generation means that 150,000 homes cannot be powered by it.

    I.e., it’s a lie.

  3. If you want low carbon energy then you go nuclear. If you aren’t willing to go nuclear, you’re just jerking off.

  4. Looks like a bubble company. They currently have some institutional investors but later in the year plan on selling shares to the public. Institutional investors jump ship at that time.

  5. Genuine question – in their calculation of CO2 benefits have they factored in the considerable amount of energy required to manufacture all that cement?

    I mean it’s a lovely idea, truly a lovely idea, and personally I couldn’t give a toss about the “carbon emissions”, but I mean, have they?

  6. If you use the right process, cement is a net negative carbon emitter as it absorbs CO2 as it cures. It’s one of the things that bedevilled the Biosphere 2 project.

  7. Not a bad idea given current politics. Corbyn’s lunatics get elected and they are quids in, showered with cash.

  8. Cardiff airport is owned and subsidised by Welsh Gov’t – thus Swansea tidal would still be being subsidised by taxpayers.

  9. The beast has been resuscitated to stagger about for a while yet.

    The industry of subsidy mining is well developed particularly in S.Wales and one can expect some considerable further ingenuity in the efforts to make “finance itself” look superficially credible.

    Getting the taxpayers on the hook indirectly is the next move.

    The Dutch and Belgian dredging companies might throw in a few notes….

  10. Some offshore windfarms garner twice as much from selling “Renewable Operations Certificates” as they do from selling electricity. That isn’t, pendantically, a subsidy from the government, it is a subsidy from the consumer devised by New Labour. Swansea Tidal Lagoon will collect the odd £billion in subsidies from electricity consumers while claiming that it gets no government subsidies.

  11. Wonko

    I’d add that they don’t “stick it on” – they HIDE it on bills on pain of unspecified punishment from the authorities – as an acquaintance of mine discovered when he tried to get Scottish Power to volunteer his individual contribution via his billing – half a dozen contacts via email and phone – with complete brass necked evasiveness from the billing crew….

    It is a shame that somebody hasn’t refused to back down and challenged the evasiveness about the Green Blob element of billing all the way. The demise of a bunch of smaller suppiers (who don’t contribute) is in part due to the fact that they have a pricing advantage via the non payment of the levy. ofgem (spit) are quick to castrate the smaller folk if they have “too many customers”…. and basically nobody points this iniquity out in the MSM commentary / hand wringing about the company failures.

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