Well, yes, so, what do we do?

Transgender men’s ability to access fertility treatment to have children should be reviewed by the Government, Britain’s most senior family court judge has said.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, the president of the Family Division of the High Court, invited Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, to review fertility laws after hearing the case of a transgender man who was able to access a sperm donor 10 days after legally completing his gender transition.

The man, who was born a woman and is identified only as TT, became pregnant and has taken his case to the High Court to be registered as the “father” on the child’s birth certificate.

No problem whatsoever with he fertility clinic bit. Even fine with the NHS bit.

Father though, isn’t that rather confusing the two different concepts of sex and gender?

But this then takes us one step on. Are there in fact any good reasons why we do want to distinguish? Other than order, that’s just the ways things are and should be? Do, we, for example, trade genetic diseases through birth certificates? In a manner that would be cocked by this in a manner that sperm donation wouldn’t already cause?

That is, other than that the demand is ridiculous, what’s the argument against here?

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  1. There comes a point somewhere in all this that is clearly derangement.

    I don’t know exactly where that is – but I’d hazard a guess that this is pretty damned close.

    Me – I wonder how this court action was funded? (£20K or so?) – if it was legal aid – well then I rest my case m’lud.

  2. So let me get this straight. A woman who wants to be a bloke was pregnant, carried the baby to term but wants to be named as the child’s father.

    a transgender man who was able to access a sperm donor 10 days after legally completing his gender transition

    I’m assuming that the “gender transition” was just a paper exercise otherwise it would be physically impossible for “him” to become pregnant. It would be interesting to see how the application for the sperm donation was completed. I mean, what fertility clinic would think it sensible to provide a sperm donation to a bloke?

    Perhaps the venerable Mr. Lud can shed some light on the legal position.

  3. Isn’t this all cis white male patriarchy stuff that should be abandoned?

    More seriously, we do seem to be getting tied up in knots over all this stuff.

    It can’t be for genetic or other medical reasons because we don’t insist on the father being named on birth certificates. On the other hand, the child has the right to know the donor of this sperm.

    My opinion? I don’t have one, I just watch all this from the sidelines with a touch of mild amusement as the woke turn themselves inside out trying to justify every self contradiction.

    Perhaps we should consult @TitaniaMcGrath?

  4. We seem to be moving into the late civilisation pre collapse decadent phase. I think I shall petition to have myself recognised as having gigaschizophrenia and that each separate personality gets a vote – thus winning the next GE by myself and bringing this utter bullshit to a stop.

  5. Transgender men’s ability to access fertility treatment to have children should be reviewed by the Government, Britain’s most senior family court judge has said.

    Lucky he’s a judge, as Plod would be after him otherwise. How dare he contradict the accepted wisdom of the ages (past two months) over trannies?

    10 days after legally completing his gender transition.

    A telling statement. I could legally transition to a Badger; all the paperwork sorted, laws complied with, but I wouldn’t be a Badger.

  6. It is –once again–an attempt by the shite-scum of the left to use troubled individuals to enshrine Marxist subjectivist evil into law. To oblige folk under the threat of the stinking jail house to utter untruths at the orders of Marxism. In 1984 style. Like the woman arrested for refusing to lie about the sex of a delusionary on Twitter and banned from referring to the correct sex of the individual in question.

    Forgot the rambling of the confused. See the Marxist evil behind it and all becomes clear.

  7. The rich English language can perfectly describe persons like this without invention of any new terminology.

    The living entity in question is an abomination.

  8. “Even fine with the NHS bit.”

    I’m not. Why should taxpayers’ money be used to fix, at great expense, a problem that is not just foreseeable but the actual desired outcome of a previous deliberate, considered, entirely voluntary action on his/her/its part.

    I would go further: the fact that, following transition, he/she/it wants to do this suggests that he/she/it is not of sound mind and not fit to be a parent.

  9. The best solution to the tranny madness is to remove the concept of gender from the law. As far as the law and the state are concerned, there is only biological sex.

    If a woman wishes to claim she has a ‘gender’ which is in some way different to her biological sex, then whatevs. The state should pay no more account to it than the colour of her aura or the number of hit points she professes to possess.

  10. Talking of lunacy, I have just discovered the concept of the flexitarian diet. Basically it is a vegetarian diet that includes meat.

  11. “it is a vegetarian diet that includes meat”: much the wisest sort.

    We once had a pillock come to dinner and announce, after she’d sat down, that she was a vegetarian. I said that happily we were having fish. Ho yuss, said she, I’m fine with fish.

    One of the other guests hit the roof and deliveredr a tirade about hypocrisy and irrationality. I enjoyed that enormously.

  12. I’d go down the biology line. Name of person who provided the sperm, name of person who provided the egg. What happens with womb rental where the egg provider isn’t the incubator?

  13. @BiND

    Why do we need more volunteers?
    Just have one of the gigapersonalities identify as being registered in each constituency…

  14. BlokeInTejasInColoradoDammit


    But millions of my gigapersonalities identify as living in Berkshire, another few hundred million identify as being residents of Yorkshire.



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