What actually has Trump done illegal?

There’s a possible legal dodginess in the payoff to the shag – when and why and election funds.

But other than that, what’s actually illegal here?

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  1. Or even wrong. Getting a call from Assange saying there had been a leak of emails. Doesn’t mean Trump was involved. So what?

  2. Wot Rupert said.

    After nearly three years of raking through President Trump’s garbage, trying to entrap everyone he’s ever worked with in process crimes, and (often conveniently forgotten by the media) the preceding period when the Obama administration illegally got the feds to tap the Donald’s phones, read his emails, and spy on his every movement… the Great Russian Conspiracy amounts to some he-said-she-said OrangeManBad.txt from a disgraced lawyer who looks like he’s lost a ton of weight…

    I feel slightly sorry for Cohen, he’s obviously had a real or metaphorical gun stuck to his head, which is why he looks so sick and old. Like Paul Manafort, he’s clearly more than a tiny bit dodge, but probably less so than the average Washington DC swamp-dweller. Both of them got “done” for run-of-the-mill financial chicanery which would’ve been completely ignored if they’d worked with Clinton, Obama, or Dubya.

    However, as various folks on the Leave side found, the law is a weapon, and it will be arbitrarily used against you as punishment for your transgressions against the progressive cause. The days when either the USA or Britain could look down on banana republics ended yonks ago.

    We really need a clock with the big hand pointing to “Who?” and the little hand pointing at “Whom?”

  3. The Mueller report will come up with a big fat zero in terms of Russian collusion, therefore something is needed to replace it while something else is cooked up – probably.

    The Cohen ‘revelations’ (I listened to the reports yesterday and thought “There’s literally nothing new here, nothing new at all”) were remarkably timed too, on the day Trump has second meeting with Kim. Also, apparently CNN had a story up – for a while – yesterday about Kim machine-gunning opponents. a none-to-subtle ‘Orange Man Tries To Make Friends With Insane Murderer’ nudge-nudge, wink-wink attempt there.

    The media seems hell-bent on making itself irrelevant.

  4. The problem as far as I can see is Trump’s opponents cannot tell the difference between immoral, badboy, reprehensible actions of which they disapprove (forgetting of course that they and their candidates over the years have been equally as bad) and actual illegality

    Paying hush money to a prostitute is not as far as I am aware illegal

    Neither is knowledge of the potential publication of leaked/hacked emails; I suspect that was widely shared in the US media

    Where is the smoking gun?

  5. For all of my life the Norks have been lobbing missiles about the Far East. Now that the Orangeman is finally on the verge of creating a permanent peaceful settlement in that neck of the woods, the Dems are going crazy and Cohen(convicted for lying to Congress) is a desperate last measure to try take them down. Btw, will we now find out what Eric Schmidt (former Google chief) was doing in North Korea during the Obama administration?

  6. @Ljh – Trump could cure AIDS and turn trannies into real girls and the Dems would still attack him.

    If he stood for re-election using Obama’s original manifesto they’d declare it fascism.

  7. MC: are you implying that Obama with his out of control info gathering big state, his reluctance to challenge China, his tacit support of Islamists and his handouts to Big Green wasn’t fascist?

  8. Isn’t there a bigger point here? Surely a multi-millionaire paying for sex should find someone younger and prettier than Stormy Daniels?

  9. It seems he paid using his own money, not election funds, so what’s the problem?

    The problem is that he won an election that was rigged against him, so Dems have to find a way to de-legitimise his tenure.

    Notice also that non of this has anything to do with Russia.

  10. Apparently that nice Mr. Mueller threatened to put Cohen’s wife away for thirty years unless he turned on his client.

    And as others have said, he was only doing what every swamp dweller in US politics – state or federal – does every day.

    Justice, Eh?

  11. Don’t recall he paid her for the encounter, it was more she wanted money afterwards to kee quiet, so they can’t even throw hiring a prostitute at him

  12. Trump paid hush money* to Daniels.

    Cohen was Trump’s lawyer. Cohen can’t be blabbing about what he did for Trump, his client. I don’t know what Cohen is worth, but Trump can have it all. Trump should sue the shirt off Cohen.

    *This used to be called blackmail, a felony.

  13. @gamecock
    perhaps the worst aspect of this entire thing is how congress and others have ridden roughshod over attorney/client privilege, that’s eroding fundamental rights and it’s not going to end well

  14. What has Trump done wrong? technically, by allowing Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels, he was accepting a donation in kind from Cohen of more than $2,700 during an election period, which is a crime. In fact it was more than $25,000 which is a felony. The fact that Trump always intended to pay Cohen back means that the law is an ass. The fact that the democrats make a fuss about it shows they are beneath contempt. But we knew that already.

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