Who knew?

The French read the Daily Express?

Almost six out of ten self-professed “yellow vests” in France believe that Diana, Princess of Wales, was assassinated, according to a new study suggesting the movement is steeped in conspiracy theories.

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  1. That’s what the British press chooses to cover about those protests.

    Anyone been in Paris recently? Is it as bad as the press doesn’t want to tell you?

  2. Ah

    Its the “let’s-discredit-a-movement-by-painting-them-as-swivel-eyed-conspiracy-theorists” ploy

    The establishment never learns

  3. Almost six out of ten self-professed “yellow vests” in France believe that Diana, Princess of Wales, was assassinated, according to a new study suggesting the movement is steeped in conspiracy theories.

    Fools! I bet they don’t even believe that a man is a woman simply because he says he is, or that humans are responsible for any change in the climate, in any direction, or that Russia controls every ‘bad’ election result in the Western world, or that importing millions of low IQ immigrants is necessary even though automation is reducing the jobs they are imported to do.

    What a bunch of loons!

  4. Les gilet jaunes seem to be working class frogs, in the main. As such, don’t suppose a Brit Peepuls Princess dead a couple of decades impinges much on their conciousness. Probably about the only thing they know about her is she’s supposed to have been assassinated in a Paris underpass.
    That said, my french ex went into a spasm of clothes rending over her demise. Fuck knows why. She’d never mentioned her prior. But then, my french ex was a big fan of Lola Ferrari (there was some mutual history back on the Cote d’A) & that says everything you need to know about her.

  5. Don’t know how it is now, but I lived with a Parisien family for a few months in ’92 and I recall they, or at least the mother, had a definite interest in Ladee Dee.

  6. Oh, I think that’s very much yer french womankind, M’Lud. They’re very sleb orientated. Particularly the middle class ones. And as France doesn’t seem to produce sufficient on its own to go round, they’re equally happy obsessing over ones from the Anglosphere. But I really can’t see that permeating down to some mek with a brick in his hand on the Champs Elysee. He’ll just be peripherally aware thanks to the droning on he’ll be getting over the dinner table back home

  7. Doesn’t the Grauniad believe that she was assassinated, probably by Prince Philip?

    Mind you, I’m a conspiracy theorist. I believe that whatever Teddy Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick was worse than the Kennedys ever admitted to, covered up by threats and bribes to police and politicians.

    So, rape and murder perhaps.

  8. This should worry the Establishment. Before the Russian revolution all sorts of conspiracy theories were in the air about the Establishment, especially concerning the Empress and Rasputin.

    When conspiracy theories — well-founded or not — about the Establishment run wild it’s in trouble.

  9. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    Everybody knows that the Duke of Edinburgh ordered the hit on Diana.
    He uses the round tower at Windsor Castle as a giant aerial, and sitting on his mighty iron throne, sends telepathic messages to his slaves across the world.

    Other victims include
    Michael Jackson
    Amy Winehouse

  10. BnLiA

    Well, duh, how can Philip have assassinated Shegar, when Shegar is still alive and helping the CIA talk to the

  11. @dearieme February 12, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    Mind you, I’m a conspiracy theorist too. I believe Clintons have had 30+ assassinated

  12. Diana assassinated? by whom is the important bit – but no answer given

    imo it was death by misadventure – she chose not to fasten seatbelt

  13. Golf parlance:

    “That was a Grace Kelly.”

    (Should have used a driver.)

    “That was a Princess Di.”

    (Should not have used a driver.)

  14. Interesting how BBC turn the quote from their own staff that he received ‘a hard shove’ into a rant about ‘incredibly violent assault’ and it’s all trumps fault
    Yet they want to lecture people on fake news
    Also why is BBC wasting license payers money sending a team to a Trump rally, don’t they have arrangements to share or buy footage if needed

  15. All my French colleagues and assorted middle class friends and acquaintances safe and sound in central Paree and barely paying any taxes thanks to their multiple children – who they drop off at free school on their leisurely way to work – simply can not understand the Gilet jaunes. As they sit at the office playing at bureaucracy in their near unsackable jobs working out where they will go on their 50 days annual leave (roll over 35 hour ‘working’ week) in their free company car with free petrol, they conclude that “because these protesters have never lived outside of France, they don’t know how lucky they are”. Seriously, the level of delusion is epic.

  16. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/antisemitism-from-the-yellow-vests-is-spreading-like-poison-kqbjw38rv

    it is clear the French government is out to defame and discredit the Yellow Vests. For those who can’t see the article behind the paywall, at a memorial to a Jewish man who was tortured to death by Muslims, the interior minister blamed rising anti-semitism on the Yellow Vests.

    They really have no shame at all. The source of anti-semitism in France is fucking obvious, but he blames it on the Yellow Vests.

    The Times knows this is bullshit, no comments open on the article.

  17. “Almost six out of ten self-professed “yellow vests” in France believe that Diana, Princess of Wales, was assassinated”.

    I think the Express got that wrong. There has been a survey which showed that six out of ten French believe in at least one conspiracy theory, but none was believed by more than 40%.

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