Worth understanding what the claim is here

Misogynist creep in indy music. OK, then:

and venues continue to book them, disregarding protests.

They shouldn’t be allowed to play gigs?


Argue that no one should go to their gigs, protest outside them, sure. But the gigs shouldn’t exist because allegations? Bit of a strong demand there….

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  1. in my years of writing about them, I have found no end of ‘beta male misogyny’

    Omega female takes opportunity to kick beta males* when they’re down…

    *for the crime of not shagging her or paying her nuff respect and attention

  2. The totalitarian impulse – every area of life must be controlled. Comedy, music, everywhere; non-approved persons or opinions be never be allowed to appear, anywhere.

  3. “…and venues continue to book them, disregarding protests.”

    “Damn it, why doesn’t everyone just DO WHAT I TELL THEM!?”

    “The concept of male genius insulates against all manner of sin. Bad behaviour can be blamed on his prerequisite troubled past.”

    Yeah, love, it’s not like women ever get a #pussypass for something, is it?

  4. Notice how she takes allegations as her starting point then builds on them the edifice of an analysis which takes them as true?

    I mean, I know it’s now commonplace to do this. But it’s always worth noticing.

    He’s a witch! Burn him!

    With the greatest respect to Julia, and to others such as Janet Daley, who’s become a bit of a squish but is nevertheless a decent old stick, I find it hard to resist the blandishments of those who argue it was a mistake ever to allow women into public life.

    It’s not that men in public life, or men opining, are always right (except me). But so much of female politicising and opinionating is just me-me-me-look-at-me-why-aren’t-you-looking-at-me-make-life-easier-for-me.

  5. @M’Lud

    Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism: The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

  6. ‘Artist(e)s’ have always been given a relatively free pass on bad behaviour. Sadly the same doesn’t apply to techies…

  7. Edward Lud,

    Which is why I think Heinlein’s citizens/civilians is the way to go. Stand on your own two feet, make your own way in the world and put something in the kitty and I’m prepared to listen to what you say. Live out of your neighbour’s pockets via the public purse and you can just STFU.

  8. Quite why nuanced looked-at-in-a-funny-way behaviour which might or might not be considered misogynist if you squint at it through the mist should be criticised when there is shouty loud “couldn’t give a fuck come here and sick my dick, bitch” behaviour from rappers is beyond me.

    Oh, just checked. Ryan Adams is white.

    Advice to Ryan. DO NOT APOLOGISE. Do not admit you did anything wrong, do not engage in any way with these femilooons,

  9. “So-called alternative musicians pride themselves on being more enlightened than their rock counterparts, but in my years of writing about them, I have found no end of ‘beta male misogyny’”

    Considering that Ryan Adams was married to Mandy Moore and SIX OTHER WOMEN are making accusations, I’m not sure beta applies here. He might look like a pudgy kid that pushes the drinks trolley on the trains, but I think it’s alphas who get Mandy Moore’s knickers off.

  10. ‘So-called alternative musicians . . . but in my years of writing about them’

    Honey, YOU are the one so calling them.

    What a maroon.

    Snapes is sexist and decadent. To her, feminism isn’t so much pro women as it is anti male. Is that where feminism has gone? They got most of what they wanted over the decades and instead of fading away have morphed into anti male freaks.

  11. It is always easier to define oneself and hold a group together by what you are against, not what you are for. External enemies satisfy a need in everyone, and the more Progressive, the bigger the need.

  12. ‘. But so much of female politicising and opinionating is just me-me-me-look-at-me-why-aren’t-you-looking-at-me-make-life-easier-for-me.’

    Like the labour MP that said she had made over 200 reports of anti-semitism in 10 months, makes you wonder where she found the time to do her actual job

  13. And this is where this all leads, teenagers being threatened and having to cancel their season over knee jerk reactions. The hockey association posted a statement apologising for a ‘disgraceful’ video that appeared online. It was a team motivational thing, in fact some of the kids were indigenous and said it was for them cultural celebration
    It seems it would be like criticising a New Zealand team for doing the haka because they weren’t all Maori (actually the New Zealand national ice hockey team does do an on ice haka)


  14. That hockey story has everything: the “backlash”, the ‘disrespect’, the “viral video that some considered racist” (note – so weak was the case that the paper had to resort to “some consider it racist”) and, of course, the video being the story and not the death threats in response.

    This is the modern Western world in one story.

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