You’ll never guess the secret of this app

These included the Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker,

No, really, you’ll never guess –

which reportedly shared with Facebook when users were having their periods or when they were trying to become pregnant.

Astonishing really, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “You’ll never guess the secret of this app”

  1. So many companies rely on Facebook as a back-end data repository and processing hub; the key question (and one that I’d like an expert to answer if possible) if whether FB acts as a pure host, or if it has access to and uses the data stored on its servers

  2. ‘The meeting came amid speculation that the government may soon publish a white paper potentially paving the way for an independent social media regulator.’


    Yeah. Sure.

    ‘what he called a clear invasion of consumer privacy’

    Privacy? On Facebook? WTF?

  3. Does anyone know if there’s any chance of a non-Android/Apple phone O/S coming along any time soon? I’d heard there was going to be a Linux phone distro but work on one seems to have stalled. Currently I’m using Windowsphone which doesn’t seem too intrusive. There’s very limited apps available for it, anyway. But it doesn’t look like MS will be doing updates past this year & presumably the updates for aps like whatsapp will move them away from being compatible.
    I seriously do not like or trust Android. It’s seems intrinsically insecure. It’s apparently impossible to get rid of G-mail & associated Googlecrap. I do not want to share my location, contacts, browsing history or anything else with anybody.
    Any ideas?

  4. View from the Solent

    bis –
    search on Sailfish OS. You’ll find info on the OS (it’s linux-based) plus Sailfish phones on sale

  5. View from Soylent

    Yeah, I was about to mention Sailfish. I bought me a Gemini last year and have been waiting for Sailfish to become properly usable. I really like the idea of demo-ing my software (which will be a toolkit for playing with processor and system architectures, together with a multicore programming language – suitable for teaching and playing, not hard-on industrial use) on the Gemini (with its add-on dongles).

    The one word of warning on Sailfish is that it appears to be deeply Russian-funded at the moment. But it’s open source, so…

  6. @El Tio de Tejas
    Are you suggesting that Russians are more deeply intrusive & hostile than Google? Seems improbable.

  7. Sailfish is seriously nice. The platform is basically Linux, including Wayland and systemd (spit), with some GUI stuff on top. There’s an app store with all the basics, and it runs a surprising number of Android apps too.

    I used a Jolla phone very happily until after a few years the battery got a bit feeble. Its hardware was mediocre but I’d have bought an update in a shot, if only they’d found a way to sell me one. Sailfish itself worked flawlessly for me.

  8. Since Android is Google, you’ll never rid your phone of it.

    I periodically scan my home PC for Googleshit, and delete all.

    BUT Google Earth. And Google Maps. It’s like opium. It’s just so damn good you don’t want to stop.

    I ♥ Google Maps on my Android phone. I hate that they spy on me; I love it when all their spying on everybody tells me what traffic is doing.

    I never setup a gmail account on my S5. Had it for several years. I can’t upload stuff like apps, but I’m okay with that.

  9. Thanx for the advice guys. To ponder. Pain is, I need 4 dual SIM phones all of which will have about 10X the features I actually need & be setting me back well over a grand. Ouch.

  10. Mec en Espagne

    Good Lord no! Nor do I think for a moment that the Russians are as competent as US advermarketing professionals.

    But that is the one Thing about Sailfish that one might have a moments concern about. Personally, I noted the funding and decided that at least for the moment it mattered not a jot.

  11. Have to say, that if you value your privacy, Apple is the way to go. There are apps in the Apple Store that share data but Apple is removing them – though maybe not as fast as it could.

    You may not like the walled garden, but as far as one can tell, Apple doesn’t try to make money from you as a user other than by selling you high priced hardware. And that hardware is pretty good, but it is pretty expensive.

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