A camel weighing contest?

Sorta Galton’s Ox without the slaughter and dressing?

A British man who won the world camel weighing championships found himself embroiled in an animal rights row after the competition was deemed ‘barbaric’.

Can’t be much of a spectator sport really. Then I find out that’s not what they mean:

Qasim Hussain, 20, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, traveled to Pakistan to compete in the Kharack Mirpur annual event where the animals are weighed down with rocks before standing to prove their strength.

Mr Hussain’s four-year-old camel, Sheezada Kathreela, was loaded up with bags of stones weighing 1,800kg on his humps and back before getting to its feet and walking around in front of 20,000 spectators.

Perhaps camel weighting contest is more apt?

9 thoughts on “A camel weighing contest?”

  1. No, this is perfectly ok: they didn’t add the straw…

    Having said that, it won’t get far in the caravan with 1800kg on its humps.

  2. One would think it was the camel that won. Or is there some special technique for lading camel can only be obtained in Bradford? Perhaps at the supermarket check-out

  3. ‘A camel weighing contest’ is fine, if English is a second language to Telegraph Reporters (the by line).

    Telegraph Reporters show they are hip by caring what PETA says.

  4. Bradford imported the Mirpurs…even the other denizens of Pakistan hate the Mirpurs as the dregs of “society”…

    I’m from Bradford…diversity is wonderful

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