An interesting point

Society is breaking down. Every day a new horror arises and I’m terrified
Suzanne Moore

Maybe the entire direction of society has been wrong these decades? Roll everything back to the 1950s and start over maybe?

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  1. Yesterday: I had porridge for breakfast. From my microwave. In a sachet.

    I checked the buses. The personal travelling computer I have with me told me that my bus was running to time, having communicated with a computer that is updated in real-time via a sensor transmitting data over 4G using GPS co-ordinates. I used a smart card to travel, which was charged up electronically via a computer.

    I arrived at the station where the nearby cafe served me a double espresso that was very good. I kept track of time via my personal computer that has its clock regularly updated. I caught a train that ran to time. On the train which was quiet, clean and had wifi, I read from an electronic book that cost me almost nothing to buy and sent a message to my wife that she read and responded to.

    At work, I was in a safe, clean, warm environment with a very good coffee machine. At lunchtime, I popped out where I had the choice of burgers, sandwiches, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Greggs and who knows what else to choose from. On my return home, I listened to music on my personal computer, music I had downloaded the day before, for which I pay, for my whole family, less than an hour’s salary per month.

    I had a good dinner with meat and then watched a movie, one of many hundreds I can pick from and hire without leaving the house for a tiny amount of money. I arranged a visit for my daughter to a university, something I could do at any time of day.

    If you dropped a punk from the 70s into 2019 they’d literally explode at how great everything is.

  2. I seems that, to people like Suzanne Moore, the overturning, in the 1960’s, of centuries worth of social mores by people like her, the denigration and undermining of our institutions by the same people, the importation of millions of black and brown people from the third-world by the same people with its consequent undermining of social cohesion and trust, the co-opting of the education system by the same people, all this is the fault of upper middle class Tories like JRM.

    Self-awareness doesn’t seem to be a thing on the left, does it?

  3. I think Suzanne might’ve had a point – there’s a tremendous amount of free-floating anxiety and hatred in Current Year society, particularly since lefties decided Brexit and Trump meant they no longer had to disguise their contempt for normal people, but nah:

    Every day a new horror arises. Sunbathing in February? Well, that’s not normal is it?

    Who will save us from the doomsday threat of… it being quite nice out?

    Police tape up again. Another stabbing. Another young woman missing.

    Part n parcel of the diversity you wanted, innit Suzanne?

    Then various Apocalypse Now-style scenarios played out on Twitter by the minute. Donald Trump excusing more murder and torture.

    DRUMPF trying to secure peace on the Korean peninsula and diplomatically refusing to openly call Kim Jong Fat a liar (remember DRUMPF was supposed to be a crazy chaos candidate who’d start WW3 or something?) = The End Times

    People I admire dying way too young.

    You’re just getting old.

    Bodies in sleeping bags on the street.

    If we brought back the mental asylums, Suzanne would be the first to scream about heartless Tories.

    Camps in China.

    Seems pretty racist and colonialist to criticise the Chinee on this. We should learn from how our Oriental friends are integrating their religion of peace citizens.


    Better than Stairway To Heaven.

    People shooting at the face of Shamima Begum for fun

    The virtue-signalling goes to 11.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    a new horror arises and I’m terrified

    Take the “i” out of “arises” and you have Suzanne and her ilk.

  5. As BoM4 shows, society is in great shape and we are lucky to have everything we do. What is going to the dogs and what is affecting S Moore is the left wing attitude to society. That’s failing like all other socialist stuff. What is thriving is individuals and capitalism and markets and all that stuff.

  6. Translation: I thought I would be young and beautiful forever and in charge. Now I am old and knackered and nobody cares.

  7. Pointing out that Moore and the rest of the Guardianistas are stupid and insane is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    It is also getting a bit tiresome. The Guardian stopped being even slightly serious years ago and I don’t bother with the silly thing any more. I’d rather read Cosmopolitan.

  8. One of the most stupid and evil articles ever to appear in that pile of WOMI shite the Gladrag:

    “How many things is it possible to be scared of at the same time?”

    You tell us you thick and evil WOMI cow. Better yet tell us how much shite that is the doing of garbage like you can you blame others for.

    ” I am asking for a friend.”

    Leftists have no friends –only companions and allies in lies and evil.

    ” Actually for all my friends. Indeed, everyone I ever met. ”

    Unless everyone you ever met is the same kind of London Bubble proggie marx-puke–which is possible with Gladrag writing scum–don’t be talking for anyone except your own stupid self.

    “Every day a new horror arises. Sunbathing in February? Well, that’s not normal is it?”

    Hot wind from the Sahara–happened many times before and vastly better than the wind from your fetid leftist gob. And bollocks to any implied eco-freak warming crap as well.

    ” Police tape up again. Another stabbing.”

    Apart from a small number of innocents involved the stabbings consist of imported vibrant gangstas settling accounts. Imported (and that importing endlessly endorsed ) by leftists like you. Then dragged up under welfarism and welfare-assisted fatherless bastardy and an increasingly left-leaning, feminised and useless education system that can’t even control classrooms . But can fill kid’s heads with eco-twaddle.

    “Another young woman missing.”

    All kinds of folk go missing all the time. You are implying what exactly?

    ” Then various Apocalypse Now-style scenarios played out on Twitter by the minute.”

    Leftist FBPE dickheads talk shite on the leftist controlled and dying Twitter. And that frightens you? Perhaps you should have spent less time mocking the Bulldog Breed and more time emulating their courage and stoicism.

    “Donald Trump excusing more murder and torture.”

    How exactly? By trying to bring peace to socialist murder/torture zone North Korea? Or trying to undermine socialist murder/torture zone Venezuela –where “enlightened” leftist thugs given guns by Maduro ( strange how quick the left lose their love of gun control when their thugs are getting the guns) are shooting folk dead for trying to get food aid. Food aid made a desperate need by the useless and evil shite of socialism. Puts the food bank malarky peddled by the left in the UK in the shade does it not? Capitalism sends some of its vast surplus to save socialist-voting nitwits who are then shot down by the tormenting socialist scum they were stupid enough to vote for in the first place.

    ” People I admire dying way too young.”

    Who, where and how? And if you admire them then maybe not . Perhaps your fear stems from the highly generalised nature of your so-called thought processes. If you knew specifically what the Hell you were talking about perhaps you would be less afraid.

    “Bodies in sleeping bags on the street.”

    Do you mean dead bodies? Live or dead contrary to lying leftist agit-prop very few folk have to sleep rough in the UK and almost all have mental and addiction problems. Almost all have had offers of and have been in accommodation but have left them by choice or because they cannot get along with other in said accommodation. Buggerall to do with your lying tripe about Brexit.

    ” Camps in China.”

    China is a socialist controlled shithole that has already murdered approx. 70+ million of its own people. Camps are nothing new. The increasing economic freedom that has saved China from complete collapse and brought it a new place in the world is being removed by backward looking socialist scum Winnie-the-Pooh Xi. Another victory for Team Left as he turns the clock back to increasing and now electronic-assisted tyranny in China.

    “Kashmir. ”

    What about Kashmir? India and Pakistan–both overly socialistic and corrupt states–esp Pakistan, one if the worst countries on Earth– are having yet another flare up. Not good timing -esp for your pathetic nerves, but so what?

    “People shooting at the face of Shamima Begum for fun, and on and on it goes.”

    You mean people who don’t like a traitor and agent of jihadist evil (who has expressed approval of Jihadist murder etc) shooting at a paper target photo with AIR GUNS for Christ’s sake. If air pellets hit the actual traitor herself they would have little chance of harming her. So your whinge really is “how dare people not be scummy middle class London Bubble leftist losers like me. How dare they have rage against enemies of their country” Just buggeroff.

    “I used to watch a lot of horror films. Then I stopped and I don’t really know why; or perhaps I do. I used to think in a mindless way that some sort of technology would come along and solve everything, and now I feel I don’t know anything, despite the endless flow of information that technology enables.”

    Highly generalised and meaningless tripe. Valuable only to show the confused and childishly emotional flow of your thought processes. No wonder you are scared shitless with a head full of such rambling nonsense.

    “England’s rebel spirit is rising – and it wants a no-deal Brexit ”

    First correct thing you have said so far.

    “Pessimism, however, is not an option.”

    For whom and about what?

    ” It drifts soon enough into passivity. It is draining and selfish in a certain way. I am not talking about clinical depression here; I am referring to the lazy way in which people my age go round talking in front of their kids about how things are going so badly wrong that there is little point.”

    Talking evil middle-class Marxist nonsense in front of your kids indicates your own rotten and self-indulgent nature. Filing their heads with entirely false and deceitful leftist lies is child abuse. Leftist rubbish tried to claim being a Brexit supporting parent was child abuse so being a leftist EU-sucking stooge of Globalist tyranny and filing your kids head with that shite is sauce for the Gander. Shame on you.

    ” I’ve done it. It’s a habit that needs to be broken.”

    Glad you agree. Now take the next step and divest yourself of socialist evil entirely–the hatred of white people/Western Civilisation, sucking up to the minority de jour ( all of ’em just leftist cannon fodder) and eco-freakery. The middle leg of cultural marxist evil. The latter is the Globalist excuse to beggar ordinary people so they can’t fight back. Which is what Macron was about incrementally until it blew up in his face.

    “My generation does it unthinkingly. ”

    Support evil lying leftist bullshit–yes you do. Been got at via schools/Unis/ MSM control–hence your shite article. Widespread purge of leftist lies and evil is certainly needed.

    “We say it and we write it and then what happens? The kids – some of them – have turned round and demanded action on climate change and hardly anyone turned up to debate it in the House of Commons. ”

    The kids deserve a slap around their chops each and then marched back to their schools for 2 hours detention each school night for the next year. Where they should be obliged to peruse a vast amount of remedial reading. About lying leftist eco-freakery and its attempts to collapse Western society by adding entirely bogus costs of hundreds of thousands of millions to our economies. Costs that the rest of the world will take zero notice of. Hopefully they will learn. To actually get the green-freak nightmare they have been brainwashed into agitating for would quickly give them a nightmarish life. Followed –almost mercifully –by a rapid but painful death at the hands of the same Mother Nature the young fools have been so brainwashed to admire.

    “Why? Because Brexit is bigger? Spare me.”

    I will spare you nothing.

    “I read repeatedly that old people voted for Brexit and that if there is a second referendum the young will reverse the decision. Is this really so?”

    No–its lying remainiac bullshit.

    ” I can’t see it getting to a vote, but what do I know?”

    You know nothing and unless any re-vote was fixed Kier Starmer style–Remain or Remain–you would lose again.

    “Also I don’t see Brexit animating the youth I come into contact with. It’s just another thing older people did to screw up their lives. ”

    Arrogant stupid bollocks. Older people screw up their lives–says an arrogant yet terrified remainiac mental case who is busy trying to terrify and brainwash kids with lying leftist bullshit. Leave has saved those kids from conscription into the EU army you dozy cow.

    “Other things matter much more to them, and guess what – maybe they are right.”

    Because their heads have been filled with your ordure and they are young and dumb.

    ” They want somewhere to live that is affordable.”

    House prices fucked up by the socialistic state. Mortgages fewer because the thieving state borrows colossal amounts that would otherwise be available for private borrowing. Savings–and thus capital to lend– way down because state sets zero interest rates so it can borrow vast amounts without the interest repayments collapsing said state. Millions of imported migrants–loved by leftist trash like you–being either given housing at our expense or competing for what funds are available. The list goes on and on. And statism and socialism are behind the lot of it.

    “They want jobs in which they are not treated appallingly.”

    You mean treated like those in socialist labour/death camps which are still operating around the world? Even though the glory days are behind them. Or jobs where the wages/ conditions not being are driven down by the cheap imports leftists like you love as much as you hate the white working class? Brexit is already doing that despite the treason of the Westminster scum.

    What you mean is that you want the nice lifestyle of your middle class left-conditioned brats to continue and the white working class can piss up its leg and play with the steam.

    “They want to be able to breathe.”

    No air shortage I know of outside the fantasies of lying leftist ecofreaks like you.

    ” Some of them are very much of the “get it over with” attitude. The things we tell them they might lose have already been taken away.”

    Such as what nitwit? Again meaningless generalised bullshit.

    “It’s hard not to see Brexit as a product of a profound midlife crisis that has caused a middle-aged nervous breakdown. And the middle-aged should recognise this feeling, as we have been here before.”

    Yet more bullshit. Lots of people don’t actually have a mid-life crisis. It is a luxury that well-off middle class Marxist pukes have the time/money to indulge themselves with.

    Rescuing my nation from the ever-growing unaccountable and otherwise unstoppable tyranny of a scummy Globalist elite is not a mid-life anything you stupid patronising cow.

    The best is that while the Globo elite may find you proggie clowns to be useful idiots for the moment they are no friends of yours. You, just like the rest of us, are to be impoverished and flopped lower than whaleshit as part of a future of “sustainable” and endless techno-tyranny. It might take the Elite a bit longer to get around to you fools but get you they we. Useless we–the ordinary folk of the world stand up and stop them.

    “The truth is, ’twas bliss to be alive some of the time in the 1970s.”

    The 1970s–this should be good. Altho I agree –prob for entirely different reasons.

    “Some of the time it was not: mass unemployment, rubbish in the streets, the pound dropping, racist riots.”

    Socialism on the job. But the black racist riot was 1981.

    “We saw the future and we said no, we want no part of this.”

    And voted for Margaret Thatcher.

    “The Ruts sang “Babylon’s burning/With anxiety”,”


    ” but the collective disgust channelled by punk”

    Punk channelled fuck all but young dumb shite with bad manners. Luckily they hadn’t been got at by SJW vermin back then.

    ” soon became atomised, giving way to music about individual despair.”

    Among rotten leftist scum. Good.

    “But Babylon is here and now and conjured everywhere in Project Fear, or just the everyday news. Lorries in Dover. Drug shortages.”

    WTF are you blathering about. Project Fear is bollocks. A pile of lying dreck launched by EU sucking traitors. You seem to be stupid enough to know that PF is a load of evil shite AND believe it at the same time. Your mental confusion is far more the source of your malaise than external circs,

    You are a loon.

    “The UK and the EU locked into a pact of mutually assured destruction.”

    It would almost be worth it to bring the shite of the EU down. Total drivel. UK political scum–now clearly part of the NWO are trying to betray Brexit. That is it.

    “No wonder the no-deal fanatics, those public school nihilists, want to burn it all down”

    Snobby, arrogant middle class leftist looks down her snobby middle class nose at private schools? Bullshit.

    Don’t worry anyway. I’m white working class and millions of us hate the EU with a passion. A passion that is spreading out to well off middle class traitors and EU stooges like you.

    .” It makes as much sense as everything else. They are like toddlers who smash up their own Lego creations because you have told them they have to share.”

    Oh– so you–frightened, confused , ignorant and stupid–but above all entitled –you are the Parent are you? Anyone not sharing your fatuous opinion is a likkle child who does know any better and needs to be educated.

    If you middle class leftists want a civil war–just keep on the way you are going.

    “It’s a feeling I understand because I remain in touch with my own inner child.”

    You ARE your inner child–and not even a bright kid either. You should smack yourself around the head a few times–it might help.

    “Yet these people are vampiric, feeding on the fear.”

    Stop being a gutless traitor then and embrace a bright future of freedom by helping destroy the EU and their Globo elite masters.

    “We can’t show all our cards while we play poker they say, while flashing them at every available opportunity. The ludicrous Farage march: an insult, a joke, an incitement to riot – who really knows? Does it actually matter?”

    I and lots of other will be marching or contributing to the March. The rest of the paragraph has no discernable meaning. Apart from the question at the end. To which the answer is that nothing you have said matters. We are leaving the EU one way or another. Even under May’s treasonous BRINO. And be aware that SCS fantasies about it being “unbreakable” are just that –fantasy. Once May/Corbyn and their gangs are down in the gutter May’s deal will be used as toilet paper. And our ultimate aim will be the destruction of the EU –not merely leaving it.

    “The madness, anxiety and absurdity of a full-English Brexit ”

    The madness exists only in your head –but we will have Brexit because there is no choice. The Globalist scum you fawn over have a very nasty future planned for ALL those not a part of their set. And that includes useless middle class proggies like you. As far as the Globos are concerned you are no less of a wretched little oik than the white working class you look down your nose at.

    “Small-time, small-minded politicians and a sycophantic press have made Brexit the issue of the day. Every day. What if it isn’t?”

    It is –and infinitely more important that the cockrot you have dispensed.

    “I know it’s heretical to suggest that here, but maybe I’ve felt the fear and said it anyway. Some sort of deal will happen, I imagine, at some stage but the political class has been shown to fail, to fail absolutely. That is what is more significant and still not understood. The results of that failure set the preconditions of fascism: we know that. We have always known it. But it has also set the preconditions for something new. We have failed (I include myself in this failure), arguing day in and day out about trade deals, EU bureaucracy, the generalised unnameable loss that Brexit will entail, the erosion of mobility. Thus we help build up anxieties in our children, then we blame the internet for their poor mental health.”

    Fascism IS socialism –and the EU is fascism –not Brexit. Accept Brexit and have a bright future. But if you keep trying to piss on democracy you might well bring on the very dark times you are boo-hooing about. You might think that you and your proggie pals are all there is but the rest of us fucking well don’t. We won the vote fair and square. The vile antics of remain/the EU /Treason May & Turncoat Corbyn have all but collapsed the remain cause not ours. Only scum are left on board with you. Give it up.

    “But listen to them. “We are the voiceless future of humanity … We will not accept a life in fear and devastation. We have the right to live our dreams and hopes,” they write as they organise more international protests about climate change.”

    Climate change is Marxist bullshit. If the young and dumb got what liars like you have conned them into wanting they will find themselves in life circumstances that would make today”s Venezuela look like a holiday destination. If you love the kids you squark about then expose the lying Marxist shite you are trying to infect them with.

    “I note that every remainer from here to kingdom come quotes John Lydon’s genius line “There is no future in England’s dreaming”.

    Lydon is a talentless turd who does butter adverts.

    “But they don’t follow it up with the next lines – “Don’t be told what you want/Don’t be told what you need” – perhaps because they are too busy telling everyone exactly that.”

    Yeah swallow one load of proggie shite and abandon Brexit to replace it with another load of eco-freak proggie shite which will ensure those kids won’t have to worry about their old age. Because they won’t live long enough to have an old age.

    “I may be scared of many things. But people thinking for themselves and deciding what’s important – that soothes my fear. A little.”

    We already did–its called Brexit and no scum will stop us.

    “• Suzanne Moore is a Guardian columnist”

    And a proggie windbag.

  9. Mum lived in Docklands, throughout the war. She was bombed almost daily for 3 1/2 years. They stopped for 6 months & then the rockets arrived.
    It is very very hard to take Suzanne Moore’s fears seriously.

  10. Bloody hell, Ecksy.

    BOM4, SMBL – Techno-gizmos and creature comforts are nice, but I’d rather we had above-replacement-numbers of children. We can’t say society is in great shape when our society is failing to perpetuate itself.

    I dunno if history will be kind to the internet either, seems to be a source of a lot of mental illness and unhappiness. (Would the transtrender fad exist without it?) And social media is antisocial.

    The chaps in FIGHT CLUB had it right, I reckon.

  11. Dennis the Peasant

    Today’s horror, leaving aside the length of Ecks’ rant, is Ms. Moore’s hairdo.

  12. Re: Steve

    “Techno-gizmos and creature comforts are nice, but I’d rather we had above-replacement-numbers of children. We can’t say society is in great shape when our society is failing to perpetuate itself.”

    Also London is turning into a violent African shithole, which given its population is not surprising; Birmingham turning into a violent Pakistani shithole, which given its population is not surprising.

    And the creed of diversity is rapidly being exposed as a nakedly anti-white agenda ingrained in all areas of the government and its agencies.

    But I can use the internet (for the time being) and get a decent coffee.

    Swings and roundabouts.

  13. ” Also London is turning into a violent African shithole, which given its population is not surprising; Birmingham turning into a violent Pakistani shithole, which given its population is not surprising.”

    Tut tut. All decent people know that it’s whypipo’s racism that causes violence by non-whites.

  14. Outstanding as usual from Steve and Ecks; why don’t you post some of this as comments to Moore’s drivel? It would be interesting to see the reaction.

  15. “I used to watch a lot of horror films. Then I stopped and I don’t really know why”

    I suspect what she means is that she stopped watching NEW horror films.
    Teenagers of the 1930s would have loved Karloff and Lugosi, those of the 50s and 60s, Hammer Films, those of the 1970s Halloween etc, etc.
    For the most part people’s tastes in popular culture tend to get fixed at a certain point in their lives and then later popular culture is measured against that yardstick. Someone might like a later product, for example a band, but usually it’s because they use the same audio/visual vocabulary as the listeners favourite period.
    Horror films are an extreme example because they have to be transgressive to achieve a frisson and what caused a frisson in the 1970s would be pretty mild now.
    I suspect the current-ish horror films which would be most appealing to an older audience would be the likes of A Quite Place, It Follows and The Babadook, which rely more on tension, elegantly executed story-telling and atmosphere rather than the extremely nasty Saw series.

  16. Steve,

    “BOM4, SMBL – Techno-gizmos and creature comforts are nice, but I’d rather we had above-replacement-numbers of children. We can’t say society is in great shape when our society is failing to perpetuate itself.”

    Why not? We used to have a population of 7m in England in 1801. What was wrong with that society? Why not have some generations heading back to that sort of number for a while?

    it’s not like we actively discourage breeding by disincentives. We provide incentives for breeding. If you, an unemployed youth want to bang your girlfriend and produce some kids, the state will pick up the tab for them.

  17. “Sunbathing in February? Well, that’s not normal is it?

    Nor unknown I suspect. At the beginning of March ’81 I was sunbathing. In Fife, for God’s sake.

  18. ‘Every day a new horror arises. Sunbathing in February?’

    Wut? Sunbathing in February is a horror?

    What’s next, drinking gin in February (OH MY!)?

    ‘England’s rebel spirit is rising – and it wants a no-deal Brexit’ – John Harris

    The referendum was for Brexit. Any ‘deal’ is a treasonous invention of the Remaniac establishment.

  19. ‘At the beginning of March ’81 I was sunbathing. In Fife, for God’s sake’

    The UK has always done unseasonable weather. Snow in June, sunbathing in January. Read any historical weather records and you’ll see all manner of odd events.

    But of course that’s just deniers invention, because everyone KNOWS its hotter than EVA and its all down to burning evil fossil fuels……….

  20. Dennis the Peasant

    Can you imagine sharing a bed with this girl?

    It would be a horror simply to end up in the same room with her.

    Leave it at that, please.

  21. “She was bombed almost daily for 3 1/2 years.” No she wasn’t. The first raid on London was on 7 September 1940.

    The last major attack on London was on 10/11 May 1941 … Another raid was carried out on 11/12 May 1941. … By the end of May, Kesselring’s Luftflotte 2 had been withdrawn, leaving Hugo Sperrle’s Luftflotte 3 as a token force to maintain the illusion of strategic bombing. Hitler now had his sights set on attacking the USSR with Operation Barbarossa, and the Blitz came to end.

  22. Maybe its because I’ve had a couple of bottles of Guinness while I watched Wasps butcher another game, although they didn’t get the rub o’ the green, but that was mostly incoherent drivel.

    I reckon that photo is her audition for Scary Spice for the upcoming Spice Girls reunion.


    Better than Stairway To Heaven.


  23. @JS March 2, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Horror films

    imo age related – as one matures, they become too silly & formulaic; same with Westerns.

  24. “Every day a new horror arises. Sunbathing in February? Well, that’s not normal is it?”

    I remember my mother sunbathing on Swiss Alps whilst I skied – ~Jan 1971

    “People shooting at the face of Shamima Begum for fun”

    No mention of ISIS putting a $100,000 bounty on her head for exposing her face etc on TV/MSM?

  25. Mum remembered the September raid, dearieme. It was the Luftwaffa’s 14th birthday present, especially for her. And, of course, she only knew it was a major raid when it was over. Like every time the sirens sounded. I’m old enough to have seen immediate post-war East London. And the amount of it wasn’t there any more. She said goodbye to two of her friends on the corner of their street, sisters, after an evening out. Then was blown off her feet. The street wasn’t there any more. Nor were the sisters. V2. The family casualties were a brother, failed to return over N.Africa, couple of uncles & an aunt killed. Injured & wounded we don’t bother to count.

  26. Why decide the only ‘major raids’ counted.
    I was age 5 when it started and the air raid sirens got plenty of use. Even up in hull there was land mines=
    and then the V1s while in Thornton Heath
    Never a dull moment

  27. @BiS: I’m sure that the Blitz was a horrible experience to go through. My point was that you were wildly exaggerating its extent. From May ’41 until the V1 attacks, German bombing was “light and sporadic”, to quote something I looked at yesterday. And not all of it was directed at London.

    Of course the V1 and V2 attacks on London, Antwerp, and so on should always be mentioned in any discussion of the bombing of Dresden. Always.

  28. Dear Mr Worstall

    “Roll everything back to the 1950s and start over maybe?”

    Seems to be happening.

    Homicides are down from the peak in 2001/2 to roughly mid-seventies level.

    Give it a few more years and we could be back to 1950s’ levels*. The horror. 2 files 1898-2002 & 2003-2015.


    * Should be closer than that if we used the homicide rate.

  29. . . . and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed, not given a reality TV show.

    “The execution of two human beings is a grave matter. But even graver is the thought of the millions of dead whose deaths may be directly attributable to what these spies have done.” – Ike

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