And Obama never used the teleprompter, right?

New research into Donald Trump’s speeches reveal why the president’s scripted brand of populism doesn’t come easy

Donald Trump spent much of his presidential campaign mocking his rivals for relying on teleprompters – until, reluctantly, he was forced to do the same. “If you run for president you shouldn’t be allowed to use teleprompters,” he complained. “Because you don’t even know if the guy’s smart.”

But intelligence isn’t the only trait that politicians can fake by relying on automated scripts. New analysis suggests Trump struggles to express populist ideas unless he’s reading remarks prepared by his scriptwriters.

The research by Team Populism, a network of political scientists, analysed Trump’s speeches – both scripted, and off-the-cuff – looking for three core elements of populist discourse.

11 thoughts on “And Obama never used the teleprompter, right?”

  1. The research by Team Populism, a network of political scientists

    ie some bullshit carried out by some bullshitters. Political science my arse.

  2. MSM gives publicity to Marxist agitators. Big shock.

    Trump really needs to move against big tech leftist censorship.

    Were I even just UK PM–after purging the UK Security Services–I would inform Zuckers , Dorsey, Bezos and the rest that by acting as agents of socialist evil they/their business would be subject to intelligence operations against them.

  3. @MC..

    If one may be permitted to paraphrase Prof Brignell (whose original comment was referring to ‘climate scientists’) – “Putting ‘political’ in front of ‘scientist’ is the equivalent of putting ‘witch’ in front of ‘doctor’.”.

  4. Ecksy,

    You really think there isn’t already significant intelligence spending on Google, Farceberk etc?

  5. Biggie: That is why –were I PM –the “security” services would first be purged. Then–using the knowledge said “services” already command of the Big Tech Turds operations –the action would begin.

    Can you spell “denial of service” forever?

  6. ‘Team Populism’

    Two guys with a fax machine living in their mothers’ basements.

    ‘New analysis suggests Trump struggles’

    We have gotten tens of thousands of news bits like this in the last 3 years. They don’t work on Trump voters. They persist because they do work on the anti-Trumpers. Like their daily cup of coffee. Makes them feel good. Gives them hope that America will yet be destroyed.

  7. It wasn’t just that Obama used a teleprompter, but that he has incoherent and incapable of expressing a thought at all without one. He wasn’t anything like as “intelligent” as he was promoted to be, merely a competent deliverer of someone else’s speeches.

  8. It is proved beyond doubt that Trumpo is a dumbo.
    Dump the Trump. Make his a one term president.
    MAGA is a myth.
    How can you make America great again, when the USA is only part of America? It is like the Presidents of Brazil and Argentina running on a Make America great again campaign.
    You cannot make North, Central and South America great again if you only run the USA.
    It should be MUSAGA.
    It is like when ignorant people label the United Kingdom,, as England. When England is just part of Great Britain, and the UK.
    Scotland is another part of Great Britain, and will be even after independence. As Great Britain, is the name for the entire island, not another name for England.

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