Define hoax that must be suppressed

Facebook will ban anti-vaccination adverts and suppress anti-vaccine content as part of a broad crackdown against dangerous medical misinformation.

The social network announced a multi-step plan to tackle “anti-vaxxer” content after widespread outcry about the way its algorithms amplified vaccine conspiracy theorists and quack medicine peddlers.

The company will set its algorithms to demote pages and groups that spread known hoaxes, and prevent such groups and pages from being recommended to users or from appearing in search predictions.

Vaccines? Higher minimum wages cause job losses? Socialism ain’t all sweet things and no puppy god tails? Rape’s not that common on campus? Dicks are things possessed by men?

what is a hoax that must be suppressed?

9 thoughts on “Define hoax that must be suppressed”

  1. Dying Facebook seems determined to help finish itself off. It would be kinder if some merciful soul could pull the switch on it. But all those govt spoocreeps wouldn’t like it if they can’t look at peoples photos any more.

  2. I reckon they all are, Mr Ecks. The business model depends, ultimately, on selling peeps stuff. And the peeps they insist on pandering to don’t buy much in the way of stuff. Eventually the companies want to sell stuff to peeps buy stuff will twig it & go elsewhere. Woke vegan transexual Trots are a niche market.

  3. what is a hoax that must be suppressed?

    That’s easy. It’s the same as “fake news”, which is anything which is inconvenient to the ruling Progressive classes.

  4. Publishers, not platforms.

    Someone must sue them for content to put an end to this shit. Congress won’t do anything about it. Bastards.

  5. Well, they’re already actively forcing me to abandon FarceBeurk as whenever I use it it not only crashes my browser, it often crashes my entire PC. As in paperclip in the reset hole crash.

  6. If visiting a web site causes such a severe crash, there’s something awry with your PC, jgh. I don’t visit the Cleggbook very much, but I don’t get any problems when I do.

  7. No other website does it. The usual process is it will slow and slow and slow, taking down other applications with it, and in about 50% of cases bomb out with an error “This script is taking too long, do you want to terminate it?” (or words to that effect).
    Every time it happens I do a deep-level virus scan and cleanup – with nothing found. If having “scripts” is killing my machine I’d prefer to just kill them all off in them first place before they even get to my machine.

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