Interesting times. Despite the likelihood of a delay, I might still be holding casting calls for that celebratory marching band come March 29. The best bet is that delay will happen, but all that will enable is to delay having to reach the decision that no one can agree on. The important thing to realize being that normally in politics when there’s no agreement, nothing happens. But we’ve already got baked into the system that we leave with no deal if no changes are made. But that requires that agreement, which there isn’t one of.

For those with a clever solution, please mail it posthaste to Number 10 Downing St., SW1, London. For everyone else, there’s popcorn.

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  1. You may mean well but your claim about nobody knowing what they want Tim, is pure remainiac shite.

    We want out. A decent deal would have been ok but that has been used by remainiac scum esp that EU agent Treason May to attempt to fuck Brexit.

    From now on it must be war on the fucking British state and ALL remainiac scum. Yellow Jackets in every home and schoolroom.

    Wed/Thurs bullshit votes have no legal force. The FFC attempts to carry out her remainiac threats of extn MUST be stopped. Perhaps EE or Italy will veto her shite. Otherwise her shambolic shitshow of a remainiac circus must be gone. But a GE must follow soon in any case and all remainiac MP shite Labour and Tory alike must be gone. And the massive SCS purge must become a reality.

    There is no way w can now stop. Any one not a fool only has to look at Globo-elite sewage like Macron to see that the plan is to ruin and impoverish ordinary people so that we can’t resist oncoming techno-tyranny.

    We can’t just give it up and say “It was a nice try but we’ll just have to have as nice a life as we can instead” because the Globos have us in their sights and they are going to keep kicking us until we are dead ( and not just as a metaphor ). We have no choice left but to kick back much harder.

  2. People should spend time coming up with fightback tactics at every level. YJ-style yes that’s good but there is an infinite number more.

    For example since the YJ kicked off I understand that almost every speed cam in France has been destroyed. Wouldn’t it be terrible if that kind of wicked lawlessness spread over here?

    Dirac Angestun Gesept–if you know what I mean.

  3. The delay — any delay — is a worry. Because the government won’t use it to prepare for No Deal. They’ll use it to frighten MPs into voting for May’s WA on a third vote. Don’t think that her deal is dead. All it takes is another 70-odd MPs to change their minds on it. And if they really think that there really is no alternative to it than No Deal, then they may vote for it.

    We have to keep making it clear to MPs that their life won’t be worth living if they vote for the WA, or if they keep delaying Brexit.

  4. Yes no deal looks like the next stop to me . No-one voted for it and it is hugely less popular than ” Just call it off”
    So when you have put a load of your fellow citizens out of work why not really make a fun day of it and go and shit on their door steps and gob on their children.


  5. Delay is intrigue. They have had 2.5 years! Delay CANNOT be justified. March 29 OUT!

    Deal with it afterwards as you need. You can’t fuck around for two plus years, and then say you can’t leave because you aren’t prepared.

    Delay is TREACHERY! Delay is TREASON!

  6. Facepainter’s Fantasy Fuckwit League–I don’t attack kids or shite in public but I would gladly do to any gaff you are in what the YJ’s did with the crane that dumped a ton of shite onto Macon’s balcony /office windows.

    I also pray for WTO Rules Brexit 29/3/19. We cannot be complaicent–we must hit the House of Traitors with everything we have.

    But that is only a beginning . We have a nation with far too much scum like Facepaint who are desperate to suck the dick of foreign socialistic tyrants. We now clearly see the malice and alignment to the evil Globo-Elite that lies at the very heart of British politics. We have battles and battles beyond battles to fight. But we must win. The Globos plan is to flop most of humanity lower than whaleshit. No one is coming to save us unless we do it ourselves.

    Dirac Angestun Gesept

  7. I want a delay because every day, every vote, the Conservatives are going to lose people who will never return. 2 years would be perfect. Give Farage a nice bit of breathing space to destroy Conservative councils up and down England and Wales. Really establish a new party of Brexit and subsequently, the right.

    This isn’t just about Brexit any longer. If the Tories aren’t going to deliver that one thing, along with all the other shite they do, we’re just going to double up and go for the big prize.

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  9. Bercow’s brazen antics are just stoking the fires higher. The HoC gang have started something they are going to regret on a scale that needs scientific notation to be quantified.

  10. You’re wrong, Ecks. There will be no revolt. We are not the kind of people who revolt. Sad, but true. If it were not true there would have been gibbets in Parliament Square years ago.

  11. Interested:Times have changed.

    In addition to the bungling socialistic failure of Western states the Globo elite intend to impoverish mundanes as part of the plan to rule. The Green freakshow is the excuse. Which is why they are indoctrinating kids with the shite from the cradle up.

    That is what Macron is about and what the YJ know.

    So understand Int–well off types like you can stand the economic pressure better for now but it will get to you sooner or later. This is why we can’t quit and can’t afford to lose.

    We can’t go back to touching our forlocks and handing over the cash. Because the demands are going to grow and grow. Can’t pay? can’t live except by sliding to the gutter? Your problem pleb.

    We can’t think re Brexit–“Well it was a nice try but I can hope to enjoy my personal life as much as I can”. They are coming for your fucking personal life mate. Lie there and they will kick us until we are dead and I don’t just mean metaphorically.

    So as for the British people–never mind them. What are YOU going to do about this Brexit treason.

    Half a dozen little acts of sabotage and retaliation x20+ million adds up to a Hell of a lot. Can you smash a speed cam? Or an ANPR, cut the wire on a cctv network. Heave a brick through Tory local office? Not that I advocate such horrid illegal acts of course.

    But my point is that we must all resist. As YJs en masse or in every way we can. Boycott EU goods/destroy these insolent signs that boast how they bribe us with our own money. All 400 odd traitor MPs must now be acted against in every LEGAL–of course– way. Any dirty sects they have–lets make sure they get out there in the public domain. What extra dirt does anyone have on Bercow for example?

    There is vast anger out there Interested.For example– I am not a violent man but I would be pleased to twat you one for your lazy reflex defeatism. You were supposed to be a soldier.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Someone on Twitter was complaining that Nigel was trying to persuade one of the Eastern Bloc countries to block a delay and that it was hypocritical. I pointed out that one thing we have learned from the left is that the end always justifies the means.

    I forgot to add that we don’t plan on murding 10 million plus people.

  13. I think Wasp may have been one of the first SciFi books I read as a spotty pre-teen – I haven’t read many better. “The Stainless Steel Rat” avant la lettre.

  14. A delay past March 29 invalidates the two year delay. If they aren’t going to follow the time line, they should have gotten out within a week of the vote.

    You can’t say we can’t leave now because of the process, then NOT FOLLOW THE PROCESS.

    I think it appropriate to ignore all things EU March 29 onward, regardless of what the UK government does.

    Perfidious Albion.

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