Errm yes?

A groundbreaking study by the English Institute of Sport has revealed shocking findings about the physical toll on women in high-level sport.

The research, which is released on Friday, has revealed that menstruation, incontinence and breast pain affect the performance of international athletes. Key findings of the report include:

38 per cent of female athletes in a variety of sports in last year’s Commonwealth Games suffered stress incontinence during training, while 28 per cent suffered from the same condition during competition.
More than 50 per cent reported painful period symptoms and premenstrual tension, significantly higher than the national average.
Upwards of 30 per cent have infrequent or absent periods, which could lead to fertility issues.

Training up to international sporting standards lowers body fat and thus leads to an absence of periods. Yes?

We knew this, didn’t we? What’s groundbreaking about it?

9 thoughts on “Errm yes?”

  1. Of course we know it. After all, don’t we get all those adverts on TV telling us about ‘Oops moments’, when all 7 women exercising on trampolines pissed themselves (viz the Tena lights ad – it’s on YouTube).

    And anyway, so what about menstruation? Aren’t many of them blokes posing (‘self-declaring’) as women anyway? Or of some funny male-female ill-defined ‘woman with internal testes’?

  2. Seems bloody obvious. Any & all competitive sports are bad for your health. (Except possibly tiddlywinks). Just depends on the degree.
    Mugs game.

  3. Known for decades from various armies after they allowed women into more physically-demanding roles.

  4. “as revealed that menstruation, incontinence and breast pain affect the performance of international athletes.”

    So there’s three things there.

    1.Menstruation – does that affect performance positively or negatively?

    2. Incontinence- do the incontinent perform better or worse than those who don’t suffer it.

    3. breast pain- ditto. how does it affect performance?

    or is it examples of hardships that some elite athletes have to go through to get to elite status.

  5. What is ground breaking is that ‘international athletes’ talked to them.

    “How’s your flow?”

    “Do your titties hurt?”

    “STFU and leave me alone before I call security!”

    And being ‘international,’ did they even understand the questions?

    The English Institute of Sport welcomes foreign athletes by asking them intensely personal questions.

  6. The next generation of female athletes will have been born with penises, hence this problem will solve itself.

  7. @gamecock

    International = representatives of the UK in international sport surely?

    Since international representative sport = performing at the edge of human capacity, it’s really not surprising that it’s bad for women and men. Most international sports people are crocked regularly – look at the injury rate amongst premiership footballers.

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