Excellent point

‘…. and inaccurate as saying that since Hitler was a vegetarian, all vegetarians are fascists. ‘

Not quite.

Hitler was a vegetarian because he ate only vegetables, all people who eat like Hitler are, like Hitler, vegetarian.

Hitler was a Fascist because he embraced Fascist principles, all people who embrace the same principles as Hitler, are, like Hitler, Fascists.

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  1. Ergo, vegetarians are not necessarily fascists?
    I’d want to see some decent scientific research done on that, though.

  2. Dennis the Peasant

    Ergo, vegetarians are not necessarily fascists?
    I’d want to see some decent scientific research done on that, though.

    The anecdotal evidence is pretty damning.

  3. I think that is the same logic that says that all dogs have four legs. This table has four legs. Therefore this table is a dog. The first two statements are true, the third statement doesn’t logically follow.

  4. Hitler was not only a vegetarian but also teetotal and a lover of classical music. Churchill ate meat, drank and was tone deaf. Both however were painters. Hitler could paint and apartment in an afternoon. Two coats.

  5. “He told better jokes than Churchill… Churchill couldn’t even say ‘Nazi’ properly, he used to say Naaarzi…”. “The Producers”, an hysterically-funny film IMHO. 🙂

  6. Vegetarians have fascist undertones. Vegans are fascists to the same level as Hitler and Mussolini.

  7. You don’t meet many live-and-let-live vegetarians.

    Some seem insecure in their choice, wanting you to go vegetarian to support their choice. Some seem they want to force their choice on you.

    I am always amused when the moral vegetarians, as I call them, tell me it’s wrong to kill to eat. Like their peas and maize are mineral, not organic and alive before they cook it. It is ignorant speciesism.

  8. @ Gamecock
    “You don’t meet many live-and-let-live vegetarians.”
    I know a good handful, in fact more than the number of aggressive vegetarians I know.

  9. FWIW

    I was a vegetarian for 20 years and never once felt the need to defend my choice or promote it or suggest anyone join me.

    I did find boring the endless comments about me not getting enough vitamin B or “I’m pretty much vegetarian these days” or “don’t peas have feelings” or whatever.

    If non-vegetarians are comfortable, why the endless comments on blogs like this? I couldn’t give a toss what anyone else eats. Give it a rest guys.

    No, I wasn’t a 9 stone weakling. I played minor county rugby at hooker.

  10. The ones I have know are different from the ones you have known.

    I have known exactly ONE straight up vegetarian. She even cooked meat for me.

  11. @ Gamecock
    Maybe Americans are more aggressive than Britons and Indians. In one case I didn’t even realise she was a vegetarian until she asked permission to leave the office for five minutes to buy some food because she had been required to attend a “luncheon” at which there was absolutely nothing that she could eat, not even bread.

  12. AndyC,

    It is the sanctimony, and the wilful ignorance. As if farming grains and vegetables does not involve the wholesale destruction of animals, including cute furry mammals. The most voracious carnivore might eat the equivalent of a cow every several years, but that single death pales into insignificance alongside the wholesale and indiscriminate killing of pests and competitors by any and all functional agriculture. Whether you directly eat the end product or not is irrelevant to any moral argument.

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