Fancy doing a thing?

Were now accepting submissions…


(anyone who knows what Brexit means gets first prize)

14 thoughts on “Fancy doing a thing?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Does that include RSS Feeds?

    There may also be some duplication, I have it as a permanent tab on PC, ipad, laptop (when on the boat) and iPhone.

  2. “We’re sorry, you are not allowed to proceed
    Our server stopped processing your request. Your request looks suspicious or similar to automated requests from spam posting software.

    If you believe you should be able to perform this request, please let us know.”

    OK I’m in Japan, but…

  3. Ever fancied yourself as a Polly Toynbee? Owen Jones?…….

    Not exactly…In any case I suffer from no-talent syndrome and motivational deficit issues

  4. You could approach the number 1 economics blogger in the UK for a piece or two? Somewhere in Ely I believe

  5. Looking at what pops up in my Facebook feed, are you filling space by just posting articles from The Conversation that you like, with a topper?

    Presumably they’ve got a liberal republishing policy so it’s a source of free copy.

    Although you’ll have to read through some dross to find things worth posting, so I suppose there is actually a high cost to it.

  6. Brexit – it means that Britain is no longer an EU member. That’s it. There are things that uniquely and compulsorily follow from EU membership, such as participation in EU elections, CAP, CFP and nominating a Commissioner. Those things are out.
    Everything else, including keeping free movement, the EEA Option, the world deal ( often incorrectly called no-deal ) are on, but they do not define Brexit. It’s up to us, so long as we’re not an EU member.

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