Hang her

When members of the public bought tickets to a rousing celebration of the world’s best-loved classical music on Saturday night, they were promised indoor fireworks, thundering cannons and can-can girls in the aisles.

They were probably not expecting the stage of the Royal Albert Hall to become a political battleground, after a soprano donned the colours and flag of the European Union for her turn in the spotlight.

Anna Patalong, who spent Saturday at the London protest march to demand a second referendum, wore yellow and blue with a distinctive necklace of stars, in what appeared to be a defiant message to the electorate through the prism of classical music.

And as concert organisers, determined that the night not be hijacked by disagreements over Europe, asked her to change back into the dress she had worn for the previous performances, her husband took to social media to complain about her mistreatment.

Sorry. Ecks has been in and writing the headlines. Altho’ recall, it’s only treason if you lose.

8 thoughts on “Hang her”

  1. I don’t even read dead trees anymore. How am I writing headlines?

    They should have started singing “Land of Hope and Glory” over whatever shit she was signing.

    General Election soon so I hope. Still waiting to hear Theo if you are wise enough to NOT vote Tory. Unless you are in ERG seat–and only then if they have the balls to bring the FFC down.

  2. These fuckers are the worst. They’re given a stage to entertain people and they think they have some right to make some political statement. They’re no expert in trade, law, politics or economics and given their ‘job’ their opinion matters less than most people.

    You sing little songs love, now sing your song and fuck off.

    I don’t mind some relevant expert who puts forward a Remain argument as we need an open debate, but these self-important worthless wankstains can fuck off.

  3. Dongguan,

    I don’t mind if people use their Twitter accounts etc to make a view, but I was at a conference the other day and some remainer decided to overdo the Brexit references and I got bloody sick of it.

    This isn’t even about remain. Do your fucking job. If you’re paid to dance as the Sugar Plum Fairy, don’t wear a Bollocks to Brexit or a UKIP t-shirt.

  4. BoM4 yeah I meant them making their political statements on stage or TV or whatever when they are being paid to entertain people with their singing ot acting. They are free to spout any bollocks they like on twatter or facebook… quite why anyone follows these people escapes me.

    I regularly present technical seminars about my expertise and if I started making any references to Brexit* I’d be rightly in trouble.

    *actually occasionally Brexit is relevant when talking about CE marking and notified bodies but obviously I woundn’t pass opinion on the actual notion of it.

  5. O/T, but amusing;

    “The European Parliament has backed a proposal to stop the obligatory one-hour clock change which extends daylight hours in summer EU-wide….

    …The European Commission – in charge of drafting EU legislation – made the proposal last year, after a public consultation which showed 84% of respondents wanting to scrap the biannual clock changes. There were 4.6 million replies in that consultation, 70% of which were from Germans.”


    4.6m of ~550m – about 0.8%?

    Or 0.7 of 4.6m being 3.2m, or about 4% of Germans?

    Got to laugh, I suppose.

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