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Hmm, well, yes

What do Italians think of other Europeans?

Ireland: UK’s party version, they are seen as the italians of the north.

A certain truth there.

8 thoughts on “Hmm, well, yes”

  1. Such descriptions more than a little weird. What would it mean to an Italian if i said the Tuscans are the English of Italy,.

  2. Haven’t the vaguest what that’s about. As soon as I’m asked to sign in with Google or Farcebook I lose interest.

  3. “… they are seen as the italians of the north.”

    But without the culture, food or glorious history.

  4. “Ireland: UK’s party version”

    In the past, maybe. Now they are in competition to be the most ‘woke’ nation on the planet and have adopted the necessary priggishness that entails with alacrity.

  5. These things usually only work one way – Edinburgh is referred to (by porridge-wogs, anyway) as ‘the Athens of the North’, but no-one has ever called Athens ‘the Edinburgh of the South’, nor Venice ‘the Birmingham of the South’, etc.

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