How vulgar

More than 3,500 bankers in the UK are paid more than €1m (£850,000) a year, according to pay and bonus details published by the European Banking Authority.


Luke Hildyard, the director of the High Pay Centre, called for reform of the banking industry. “Much of the revenue used to pay these rather vulgar sums of money

That use of vulgar is so revealing, isn’t it? That British disdain for trade…..

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  1. Not so much the British distain for trade as the left-wing envy of high achievers. “I can’t have it so nobody else can”, all in the name of ‘social justice’.

  2. “[They] are paid more” – Their choice of words implies that money falls upon these individuals like manna from heaven.

    “They earn more” sounds much better.

  3. Just think of the income tax they pay. Somewhere between £400,000 and £450,000 per million, as they lose any tax-free sum, and the 20% and 40% bands pale into insignificance.

    So almost certainly a lot more than £1.5 billion across the lot of them.

    Thanks, mateys!

  4. That British disdain for trade…..

    What’s Hildyard’s background? It looks to me more like good old-fashioned disdain for new money.

  5. “…director of the High Pay Centre…”
    There’s a non job if ever there was one. I wonder how much he gets paid? If it’s £50 quid a week that’s £50 too much.

  6. Yes the ‘vulgar’ gives it away. That’s what Luke sees as a problem not a signal. He calls for us to nobble things so that problem doesn’t exist. Lets say though we should entertain the thought of banking reform. Perhaps the high banking wages are not a problem but a signal as a sign that banking profession is a stitch up. Are there reforms the high pay centre could recommend to make it easier to get into banking? Are there education system changes that will provide more into that sector? Are there regulations that create legal cartels for the big banks to make super profits?

  7. I wonder how many sports people are paid $1m or more in the UK? Pretty much every premier league player for certain and add to this golfers, racing drivers and the occasional tennis player – it adds up to quite a few.

  8. Don’t worry. Looking around the office most of the people earning that much are not brits and when corbyn raises taxes they will just work from a different office. Problem solved.

    Oh, and a gaping hole in the government accounts.

  9. Unusual name, Hildyard. Wonder if he’s related to Sir Robert Henry Thoroton Hildyard, aka The Hon. Mr Justice Hildyard, High Court judge, Old Etonian and alumnus of Christ Church, Oxford? Born 10 October 1952, the judge, so age is about right.

    If so, notr sure whether to laugh or cry. Certainly would be yet more evidence of how far the commie infiltrators have got.

  10. Seems not to be – more likely to be son of Rupert Hildyard, a university lecturer and green freak.

  11. However, he and the Etonian do seem to be related.

    Rupert stood as a Green Party candidate in Richmondshire in 2015, rejoicing in the decidely unrather vulgar name of Rupert Piers Thoroton D’Arcy Hildyard.

    The Yorkies saw through him – he got 400 votes.

  12. Charlie Falconer married one Marianna Hildyard – daughter of a diplomat, and co-signatory to the Myles Hildyard obit, too. Assume young Luke is also linked in some way to the unrather vulgar Marianne and Lord Fatty Wallpaper. I hope he spits on them when he sees them at family gatherings.

    And – assuming this is the same Luke Hildyard, scion of the Thoroton Hildyards – it’s lovely to see that they have their own society – – dedicated to remembering famous ancestors.

  13. The Meissen Bison

    Interested: Lord Fatty Wallpaper.

    Are you attributing to Tony’s ex-flatmate the lavish tastes of his predecessor as Lord Chancellor, Derry Irvine, famously extravagant afficiando of Pugin designs?

    Thanks for all the background on Hildyards. That would support the posho interpretation of new money being vulgar.

  14. What the lefties fail to grasp, is that they are trying to deny the workers the fruits of their labours. If wages are restricted then the money goes to capital. How is that “fair”?

  15. @Interested – so a worthless posho is upset by all the City geezers getting paid more than him? How dare they, these oiks?

    One of my mates is amongst the 3,500. He pays a ton of tax, saves the exchequer a few more quid by educating 3 kids privately out of his post-tax earnings (thus creating more work and tax revenue) and contributes more to the common good every time he eats out or buys a big shiny car that he can’t really drive properly.

  16. Good article

    What sweet irony that Jeremy Corbyn’s Bollinger Bolsheviks have been shamed by a grammar school Labour MP

    …Not surprisingly, the Corbynistas went berserk, piling on to social media to denounce Ms Phillips as a class traitor because her mother rose through the ranks to a senior position at the NHS.

    But, of course, everything she said was perfectly true. The Corbyn movement is nothing if not a movement of rich public schoolboys.

    Far from being a horny-handed son of toil, Jeremy Corbyn was brought up in a large Shropshire farmhouse called Yew Tree Manor and was sent to a prep school, then a top state grammar where his efforts earned him two grade-E A-levels .

    As for the people around the Labour leader, they might have been picked specifically to prove everything Ms Phillips was saying.

    His director of strategic communications, James Schneider, went to Winchester, where fees are currently £40,000 a year, as did his press chief, Seumas Milne, whose father Alasdair was Director- General of the BBC….

    What sweet irony that Jeremy Corbyn’s Bollinger Bolsheviks have been shamed by a grammar school Labour MP

  17. Thanks for all the background on Hildyards. That would support the posho interpretation of new money being vulgar.

    Posh and Progressive – a double dose of disdain.

  18. Bison – oops yes. Amazing how one fat troughing Labour cunt can morph into another in one’s memory!

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