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If you start from the wrong assumption then….

Even worse if you start with the wrong fact:

Globally, income inequality is rising.

Global income inequality is falling. The rest she’s spouting is thus bollocks.

10 thoughts on “If you start from the wrong assumption then….”

  1. Yeah. My staff here are on almost the same as their UK counterparts and 10 years ago it was probably about 20%.

  2. The vile woman. She goes on about “muslims” giving alms of 2.5% of their income and Shias giving 20% of their surplus income. What she doesnt seem to understand is that the UK government takes 40% of our income in taxes. A significant portion of this is redistributed to the poor. The rich already pay substantial taxes. The fact that the money is wasted on equality nonsense and PHE is the main problem. 0.7% of UK output is given away as foreign aid.

  3. Shia Muslims are told to give 2.5%: that is one-quarter of the tithes required of Jews and Christians [technically we only give that away one year in three: the other two we should consume it “rejoicing before the Lord” but have you ever tried consuming 10% of a harvest in one sitting? most of the tithe *has to be* consumed in a feast where you welcome in the neighbours and the beggars in the streets].
    She says that charitable giving is not sustainable – it has been for millennia, so what has changed?
    Chris Miller has corrected me to “Lefties and facts – not on the same planet.”.

  4. @ ken
    The 0.7% of GDP is a lot more than output because GDP includes the cost (demmed equal to imputed value) of the public sector.
    It also ignores the donations to charities working usefully overseas

  5. I notice that she forgets to mention that many muslims believe that zakat can’t be given to non muslims. I remember reading instances of muslim charities involved in disaster relief insisting non muslims convert before they can get aid.
    Furthermore i note that whilst approx 70% muslims in the uk are unemployed there always seems to be money available in the muslim community to build mega mosques.

  6. @Ken March 27, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    0.7% of UK output is given away as foreign aid bribes and to cronies”.

  7. I wonder if Masuma Rahim has even heard of the late great Hans Rosling?

    Especially : “How not to be ignorant about the World”. Worth watching, not least to discover why Zoo Chimps are more intelligent than University Students (and some Guardian writers apparently)

    Evidence-based statistics that the world really is getting better, despite the doom-mongers.

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