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Interesting news

The Professor of Practice in International Political Economy was forced to apologise on Thursday for defending Benito Mussolini and claiming that the Fascist dictator should be credited with some positive achievements.

Tutto nello stato…..etc.

19 thoughts on “Interesting news”

  1. How many from the left are still frotting themselves into a lather over Lenin and Stalin because they made lots of tractors and hardly imprisoned and killed more than a few millions of their own citizens by accident.

  2. Andrew – Right?

    I dunno what the Krauts were thinking. Did nobody say “come off it lads, this guy is literally Hitler“?

  3. People never have a good word to say about Hitler, but at least he killed Hitler.


    Anyway, replace “Mussolini” with Lenin or Stalin in that speech and you have much of the Labour Party. Everyone shrugs.

  4. Bloke no Longer in Austria in Holland

    My Italian born Austrian missus used to say to me
    “You lot laugh at Mussolini because he was a buffoon, but He made all Italians llearn to speak Italian.”

  5. I heard that Mussolini ordered the Italian railways to use herbs to power their trains.

    This is how he got them to run on thyme.

  6. Hitler ran for power promising jobs for everyone, a splurge on spending on infrastructure and that a group of rich people who were currently exploiting the country were going to be made to pay for it all.

  7. AndrewC , that sounds familiar…Murphy, McDonnell, Corbyn et al have promised us that. You cant be implying…? Nah!

  8. @ AndrewC
    And he acted on 90% of his promises (and the Allies carried out his promise to build a people’s car). Just a pity about those rich people who didn’t emigrate before the Corbynistas came knocking on their doors.

  9. @Henry Crun

    It’s one of the Left’s tricks to associate the Nazis (big state, central control, micro managing the economy, control of education, etc etc) with the ‘right’ which is by and large small state.

    As you imply Corbyn’s Labour has much more in common economically with the Nazis than ever the Tories do (or, at least, proper Toryism)

  10. @ Andrew C
    Proper Tories believe that the notion that Kings are appointed by God is a viewpoint that they should respect while disagreeing with it but also that it means that Kings have responsibilities to their subjects. Looking around at the various Kings and Queens and Presidents of Republics in the world today or any previous period (Farouk was bad but Nasser was worse) I maintain my view that Presidents are very, very rarely appointed by God but whether or not monarchs are they certainly behave more like it.

  11. I don’t understand why he has had to apologise? It seems to me to be self-evidently true that i) Mussolini was a twat but ii) he did some good stuff. He’s not saying that, overall, Mussolini was okay, he’s saying he was a twat but he did some good stuff, and wondering whether it would be possible to do the good stuff without the twattishness. (Answer probably no, but that’s by the by.)

  12. Bloke no Longer in Austria in Holland said:
    “He made all Italians llearn to speak Italian.”

    With a Welsh accent?

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