Isn’t Joan Smith well informed

It also appears to send a negative message to their employers when it comes to setting salary levels. Virgin Atlantic has a significant gender pay gap, according to figures published last year. Its median hourly rate for women is 30% below that of men, something that means – as the government’s gender pay gap report painfully spells out – that women earn 70p for every £1 that men earn. (The gender pay gap at British Airways, by contrast, was 10% in 2017.)

Clearly, this habit of sex discrimination is very hard to break. It starts with dress codes and ends with salaries (or doesn’t – let’s see what this year’s report on the Virgin Atlantic pay gap has to say). One minute you’re telling women what colour lipstick to wear, the next you’re paying them less as well. How on earth does that happen?

The gender pay gap in airlines is driven by there being more male pilots than female, more female cabin crew than male.

and that’s it, no more to it than that.

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    I wonder what the pay gap at Virgin Atlantic might be between gay men and straight men. I suspect there’s an outcry waiting to be twittered there.

  2. Solving this PR problem:

    1) set up a company called Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew Ltd
    2) transfer staff from VA to VACC
    3) gender pay gap disappears

    I swear you’re going to see this happen as companies try and avoid the bad PR. And then the lefties will complain about outsourcing.

  3. The only solution to this is the state forcing people into jobs.
    Every time people are allowed to chose what job to do or are allowed more flexibility in their working, overwhelmingly women use it to flexibly work less. Individual choice must, perforce, be outlawed.

  4. “The only solution to this is the state forcing people into jobs.”

    I’m looking forward to the screams of delight that young women will emit when told they have to go and work in sewer clearance, in order to even up the gender balance……….its what they wanted wasn’t it, to have all the ‘male privileges’?

    Incidentally, it might be a good time to invade the US soon, as their courts have just decided that women will have to be drafted just like men, in the event of conscription being needed again. A 50% female conscript army is going to be SOOO effective…….

  5. jgh, remember that we also have to tackle the terrible discrimination in dress codes. Perhaps there could also be government-issued clothing, unisex and one-size-fits-all so that it doesn’t discriminate against people for being fat or thin either, made available for free and legal to wear for all jobs. I believe China has some valuable past experience in this area.

  6. And of course, if a company did something like positive descrimination and decided that they would only recruit women, those women would be entering at the bottom of the pay scale with the result that the ‘gender pay gap’ would increase.

    Recruit only men and your gender pay gap might actually decrease.

    Which shows what a load of bollocks it all is.

  7. Can’t they get a lot of male pilots to self-classify as women?

    It would only take a few at top rates.

  8. A 50% female conscript army is going to be SOOO effective…….

    Are you saying your army doesn’t need slave drone pilots, slave cooks, slave doctors and nurses, slave assembly workers, slave quartermasters, and slave communication operators to support the slave war fighters? If so I call BS.

  9. @ Sam
    What an army *actually* needs is some people who can fight and are willing to do so. While they are not 100% male – probably nearer 99.9% (Amazons, Shieldmaidens etc) – you cannot allocate an equal number of male and female conscripts to useful roles. An army with 50% or fewer combatants is not going to capture and occupy enemy territory.

  10. Some cursory internet searching suggests the US military is 95% non-combat today. Even accounting for “peacetime” bloat logic and history suggest that an army requires hordes of non-combatants to support it. You ignore all the suggestions I made in my comment, none of which are traditional combat roles. There’s plenty of spots available for slave labor that women can fill and free up that many more strapping slave lads for the meat grinder.

    Besides, just because women are equally subject to the draft doesn’t mean they will be half the combatants. Men subjected to the draft will get waivers for things like acne and flat feet, so of course loads of women will be exempted because (1) the draft is for the meat grinder for which women are generally not qualified, and (2) women have a disproportional amount of disqualifying conditions, which will be exploited to the max if faced with conscription.

    Dropping the snark – my prerogative is to end the enslavement of people by the government, and unfortunately the only political route to that end is to force women to share the burden. I do not wish to see ANYONE drafted, but here we are.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    In a wonderful piece of irony:

    In a surprising contrast
    with typical pay disparity situations, Google found it was paying men less than women working in similar roles in 2018. In particular, Level 4 Software Engineers who identified as men “received less discretionary funds than women,” Google said.

    Wouldn’t it be great if James Damore sued them for pay discrimination?

    What an army *actually* needs is some people who can fight and are willing to do so.

    Here’s a former 22 SAS RSM commenting on that issue about the first female soldier to kill a Taliban fighter in close quarters fighting:

    Women are more than capable of participating in combat.

    What shouldn’t happen is standards are dropped to pass them into combat roles, it’s dangerous.

    A friend, a soldier @Altern8rv talking about being ambushed .
    Courage is not solely the domain of men

    I recommend watching the video in that link. Her book is worth reading as well.

  12. The gender pay gap in airlines is driven by there being more male pilots than female, more female cabin crew than male.

    Furthermore, BA have lot of male cabin crew and a sprawling back-office female bureaucracy.

    Virgin will be leaner and have outsourced many non transport passengers roles.

  13. @Bloke on M4 March 6, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    Solving this supermarket pay problem:

    1) set up a company called Asmorsantes Logistics Ltd

  14. @Sam

    I’m assuming from your infantile and pejorative use of the term ‘slave’ that you’re some angry young would be revolutionary thinking you are scoring some clever point. You’re not. You just make yourself look silly.

    Every role in an army is potentially a combat role. Rear areas get over-run, the enemy has an odd tendency of doing unexpected things and being in unexpected places, which is why the army trains their cooks to fire weapons.

    If you were to overthrow the evil government, replace it with whatever idealistic bollocks you think would be better and then some bad guys come running at you, who’s going to fight them off? You?

  15. @AndyC

    You assume a whole lot. I was clear on my agenda and do not hide behind euphemisms when it comes to conscription, the definition of which is quite clear. I do not wish to overthrow the government, I merely wish to prevent it from forcing people to fight and die.

    Speaking from the government’s POV, including half the population in their potential personnel pool is rational, and was in fact seriously considered by the US Army in that notoriously silly year of 1945 due to a severe shortage of nurses. (I imagine you scoffing at the idea not because conscription is evil, but because sometimes hospitals get bombed.)

    You don’t challenge my use of slave – likely because it’s accurate – and you don’t even make the standard “you should be forced to die in a foreign shithole because patriotism” argument I’m used to seeing.

    And what to do about this hilarious non-sequiter:

    some bad guys come running at you, who’s going to fight them off? You?

    Umm….yes. That’s precisely why I’m almost always armed. Who else is going to do it, pray tell? Also, how is that germane?

  16. @ Sam
    An army that has 95% non-combatants would be an utter mess in battle. You say “the US military” – what does that mean?
    If some bad guys come running at me I’ll have a go at fighting them off and I am NEVER armed.
    You are in the wrong country

  17. Dear Mr Worstall

    I wonder how many trolley dollies sign up so they can catch themselves a high-flying pilot with good prospects in a lucrative career? Dropping out to raise a family must surely skew the salaries of female staff downwards.

    Someone once told me, way before the internet was invented so it must be true, that some women took up nursing to increase their chances of marrying a doctor.


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