Long serving restaurant people

A piccie project in London:

‘It’s like a family’: the restaurant staff who stay in the same job for decades

Couple of years back was in London, late night, went into “The Grill” just opposite Convent Garden Opera House. Used to work there when I was a student, back in ooooh, 1986? Chatted to the staff a bit and found out that, although he was off that particular night a bloke I’d been working with there was still going. At least 30 years as a waiter in a West End burger and ribs joint. That’s pretty good going….

Can’t see that the place is still there tho’….

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  1. The burger and ribs joints were becoming a thing back then, the City’s population decline about to turn from below 7m to above 10m. The only parking ticket I’ve ever received, Covent Garden 1986.

  2. And there’s another. I must have been served by Delia Lee at the Hard Rock.. She may be their longest serving server but I have to be their longest customing customer. We went to the opening.

  3. You’ve inspired me to look up the small rural hotel/pub that I worked in during a university long vacation in the year .

    It still exists! Hurray!

    It is “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT”: inevitable really – it would be unlikely that a grandchild of the owner of my time would own and operate it now. As for the very pretty young waitress – now long retired I’d think. And I can’t even remember her name.

    Nor can I remember the names of most of the other businesses I worked for during my vacations – except the Royal Mail, obviously.

  4. I’ve just searched, and the holiday camp I did summer work at still exists, though the site I worked at has spun off. Looking back I can hardly believe I thought £40+B&B a week was a decent wage. Though three years later, my first post-uni “real” job paid exactly the same.

  5. I met Gino Nardella while dining at the Stafford, a true professional. I highly recommend the place, they do the most superb sponge pudding.

  6. When I worked at a family brewery the Managed House Admin Clerk retired after 42 years at the brewery. She started there when she was 18, after a couple of years elsewhere first, as the Managed House Admin Clerk. Talk about a lack of ambition.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with finding something you’re good at and enjoy and then sticking with it. It beats being the 3 billionth person to demonstrate the truth of the Peter Principle.

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