Not quite a smoking gun

The state of Qatar secretly offered $400m to Fifa just 21 days before they were awarded the 2022 World Cup, leaked files appear to show.

The documents, seen by The Sunday Times, reportedly reveal that executives from the Qatari state-run broadcaster Al Jazeera – that was owned and controlled by Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani – signed a television contract making the huge offer.

The contract is said to have also included an unprecedented success fee of $100m that would be paid to Fifa only if Qatar was successful in the 2010 World Cup ballot.

The documents allegedly read: “In the event that the 2022 competition is awarded to the state of Qatar, Al Jazeera shall, in addition to the . . . rights fee, pay to Fifa into the designated account the monetary amount of $100m.”

Fifa sells the broadcast rights. That the broadcast rights are sold comes as less than a surprise therefore.

If Al Jazeera was going to hire the idiot nephews of every Fifa board member on $million contracts for advice over the broadcast rights then we’d have something. To the extent that we don’t already think they didn’t.

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  1. Was this in the “To The Surprise Of Nobody At All” section?

    It would only be news if FIFA weren’t getting large brown envelopes, from everyone trying to get the contract.

  2. Like the Cambrian bloke above, I dunno why the Catarrhis buying the World Cup or FIFA selling it is supposed to be news.

    Of course they bloody did! That’s what desert nabobs and greasy continentals do.

    The more interesting question is why, in the Year Of Our Diversity 2019, the UK press still expects funny little brown people and slippery Swissies etc. to behave like fictionalised Victorian English gentlemen.

    My sympathies are with the silicate-fondling head-choppers in this: they bought the World Cup fair and square. If the English FA was huffing its own jenk enough to think it was a genuine competition over how nice your stadia are, etc., well… whose fault is it when a grown man turns out to be a naive idiot?

  3. should have boycott Russia too. This One wont be boycott either.

    Globalisation means everything is equal even when it’s not.

  4. Its like the european arrest warrent where Romania’s justice system is considered equal to the UK.

    Reality no longer matters.

  5. If you want to know the real story behind the award of the tournament to Qatar you need to read “Whatever It Takes” by Bonita Mersiades. She was on the team trying to win the 2022 World Cup for Australia. Incidentally, she puts the boot into the Sunday Times take on the issue which she lambasts as entirely missing the true story behind the scenes.

  6. O/T but Ritchie has said something sensible!


    He’s still pitching for a job with Labour though:

    Labour needs to do a lot better. And to make sure that what it says makes sense. And is not meant to be read by some in society one way and by others another way. And maybe it should pick advisers who can think logically and predict the consequences of what it is saying.

  7. Maybe ZaNu should contemplate the 150 million murdered by socialism and blow their collective brains out.

  8. I don’t mind footballers and managers reaping the reward for football’s financial success but the administrators, agents and other hangers on really do resemble lazy pigs who can’t believe their luck when a feed lorry crashes next to their sty and tips its load all over them.

  9. Yes, but see what he does with that headline…….The reality is that generally, large companies and the wealthy don’t go in for tax evasion.

  10. Something is decided by inviting bids and deciding whose bid is the best.
    And that this process involves a price being paid for the thing being sold. What a surprise.
    The Qataris have behaved impeccably and followed the process as it was designed imv. It’s any delegates that took the money and didn’t declare it that need strapping to the back of a horse, naked, in the sun, and lashed.

  11. Always amazes me when you get one of these Shock Horror Football is Bent! revelations. Why wouldn’t it be bent?

  12. Andrew C,

    They own a monopoly. What else are they going to do but exploit it?

    Lots of countries want the Olympics or the World Cup. Doesn’t really matter where it takes place. Why give it away when you’re in that situation?

    See, there wouldn’t be brown envelopes if this was done in a true market sense: eligible countries bid, highest bid gets the games/cup. But bidding countries don’t want that. They want the fiction that hosting this crap shows Greece/Britain/China/Qatar/wherever as a really great place.

    The absence of rent being extracted legally is that it is extracted illegally. It’s like people getting cheap council flats and sub-letting them.

  13. And honestly, why does anyone care? It’ll still be on the telly and 3 hours time difference sounds OK. Fuck off to Qatar if you’re that bothered about seeing it.

  14. @Dongguan,

    Absoultely. There are regular howls of protest when plod demand the extradition of a Romanian for expressing crimethink on twatter.

  15. The smoking gun was Qatar winning in the first place, because why the fuck else would anyone decide to hold the thing in Qatar?

  16. @JerryC – indeed!

    Luckily for me, I am not a big fan of your wendyball, although I will watch the world cup on the telly. i couldn’t care less that the game is corrupt as fuck.

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