Note what they don’t note

The world’s richest 1% holds about the same proportion of global wealth now as it did at the start of the millennium, according to Credit Suisse’s 2018 global wealth report.

Wealth inequality rose after the financial crisis in 2008 but has stopped rising in the past two years.

Wealth inequality fell during the financial crisis therefore….

8 thoughts on “Note what they don’t note”

  1. You need about US$900k to be in the top 1%. For those entitled to a UK state pension, the asset value of the pension would put you well on the way to that sum. Toss in a paid off house worth £500k and you’re about there.

  2. @ DocBud. On your figures, I’m rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Why don’t I feel well-off?

  3. Kevin, I’m an AUS$ millionaire, probably a GBP millionaire as well, but MrsBud and I cannot retire because we still need more to fund the sort of retirement we’re after, involving much travel, including cricket and rugby tours. Very different from retiring to a cow dung hut in Africa and only travelling as far as the nearest tap.

  4. Thanks, DocBud. Between pension, Sociable Security, and savings, I qualify for your top 1%.

    Never thought I’d be a millionaire.

    I think I’ll start being an ass.

  5. A train driver who owns his own house will be in that 1%, counting the value of their pension. Most at the BBC will be too. It’s completely meaningless.

  6. As a member of the aristocracy I am, of course, a millionaire… However, like many of my peers (bad joke not intended) I seem to be permanently skint. The way things are going I’ll have to get rid of one of the chauffeurs. 🙁

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