It appears that no radio station has asked Ritchie to come on and discuss the Spring Statement:

This will not happen of course. He will talk about all he proposes. And never will a Chancellor have spoken so purposelessly. He has no clue whether anything he says will be delivered. Less still does he know if he will be Chancellor. Or even be in government.

As such I will, by and large, be treating the event with the contempt it deserves.

14 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Hang on, though, isn’t this the closest Capt Potato has ever got to making a sensible prediction?

  2. When is it to be, this Spring Statement?

    Will he confine himself to praising the primroses? (As would befit a Conservative, were he one.)

  3. Possibly a last minute pitch rather than a pre-emptive sulk. i.e. if you want some contempt sauce on your spring statement review show come to moi.

  4. Real Madrid have resigned ZZ.

    I was not called by Florentino Pérez.

    I shall of course treated his signing with the contempt it deserves.

  5. As such I will, by and large, be treating the event with the contempt it deserves.

    Nowhere near the contempt his own appearance would deserve.

    The most pompously clueless man in Britain?

  6. Well the FFCs shite BRINO is done.

    The next 2 days cockrot capers can’t overrule No Deal exit on the 29th. Unless the Fish Faced Cunt helps them. Which from Breitbart’s report she has already said she intends to.

    Anybody out their got any ideas as to how she/they can be spoked? Mr Galt? Anybody?

    My thought is for ERG/DUP to threaten to bring her down unless she just takes No Deal sitting there. The downside is that the bitch has zero left to lose. The Tory Party has it all to lose. And despite Jizz’s bullshit so do ZaNu. Boles is hinting the same from opposite angle –if she doesn’t help them wreck/betray then its a GE. The remainiacs know however that is a sure route to the dole queue for most of them Labour and Tory alike. That is a trip they won’t want to take–they are bluffing.

  7. From a single BBC report:

    “MPs voted down her deal by 391 to 242 – a larger defeat than when they rejected it in January.”
    ” … changes they had demanded when they rejected the deal by 230 votes in January”

    Journalists and numbers.

  8. O/T
    Re BBC numbers, arts graduates & mental arithmetic.
    It took me about a second to calculate 391-242=149
    39(1)-24(2)=15(?) then 150+1-2=149
    The first calc gives me a workable approx size of the number, the second refines it.*
    How do you do it?

    *For a string of three figure numbers, I might operate just the first two digits & for the last assign (0,1,2)=0 (3,4,5,6,)=5 (7,8,9)=1 & add/subtract from the total. Over a long string that produces a workable accuracy + or – depending on the length.of the string. Depends what accuracy’s required but at least gets you close

  9. @Mr Lud March 12, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    In what way does my HoC vote result post imply I’m a follower or subordinate of a powerful person, typically one who is unscrupulous or carries out orders unquestioningly?

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