Piss awful plan to be honest

And I agree with her, entirely, on this being a real crisis.

And one that means that wee have to found the funding.

And put our old economics behind us.

In urino veritas perhaps.

10 thoughts on “Piss awful plan to be honest”

  1. It’s such a crisis that the potato is not giving up his 4 bedroom house despite him now being single, nor has he given up his car, nor i suspect his use of airlines to travel to scotland. Crisis what crisis?

  2. Dennis the Peasant

    Ritchie and Caroline are “frequently in touch”. Evidently Ritchie’s sniffing around the Green Party in search of funding. Any bets on how long before those two have a falling out?

  3. I skim read this article earlier on (assuming it’s the same thing Ritchie is going on about).

    In it, Lucas bleats about how much harder it will be to completely decarbonise the worldwide economy if, as expected, it triples between now and 2050.

    Her solution is no more economic growth. So presumably everyone will have to forget about having standards of living any higher in the future, and billions in the third world will have to remain in subsistence poverty. I wonder why she doesn’t make this clear in her article?

    I don’t understand these people. If, as they are saying, we only have 10 or so years to save the world, why the objection to fracking or ocean iron fertilisation? Wouldn’t we use nukes against alien invaders if there was no other option?

  4. @Dennis the Peasant

    He’s been sniffing round her for a long time, and she has asked parliamentary questions on his behalf.

    He won’t get too close though, as the Greens aren’t in a position to pay him or give him a peerage.

  5. His articles read like speeches written for someone in the 1930s.

    ‘And I agree with her, entirely, on their being ein Volk.

    ‘And that means that wee have to found ein Reich.

    ‘And that means ein Führer.’

  6. Her solution is no more economic growth.

    And when the govt publishes forecasts of growth that are 0.1% down on expected she will demand an enquiry.

  7. @silverite – the greens are all for open borders – so the third world will be here – they’ll get richer as we get poorer( bit like now but more so) When we are reduced to the level of some third world shithole then the likes of murphy and lucas think they can rule over us in perpetuity.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “the greens are all for open borders”

    I’ll bet they don’t practice what they preach and leave their wn bank accounts ts and front doors open.

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