Possibly true and potentially sad

Jo Kynaston Reeves I don’t think you are much out of step with society, Tim. Just the influential parts of society.

7 thoughts on “Possibly true and potentially sad”

  1. Dennis the Peasant

    Just the influential parts of society.

    Like Owen Wilson, Polly Toynbee, George Monbiot and Piers Morgan?

  2. I think you’re a bit out of line with most of the people. There’s some support out there for reducing term to 16 weeks, though.

    That said, the first near-term abortion that happens in New York could really start a fire.

  3. JK Reeves was a much valued commenter in these parts whose pseudonym I’ve now forgotten. Does he still comment here? Is he still gainfully employed? (The Russell Brand business.)

  4. He tends to be over on Facebook. Quite why that’s his favoured platform I don’t know. But that’s where to find him.

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