I am sick of being silenced by social-justice warriors whose self-assurance is only matched by their ignorance

I share the distaste for the cultural fascists. But silenced when you’ve a national newspaper column?

12 thoughts on “Silenced?”

  1. Pretty normal for newspaper columnists though. If every word isn’t being agreed with and fawned over they’re being unfairly attacked & silenced.

  2. Has this Telegraph journalists ever said anything that is really anti sjw?

    Probably not 7 out of 10 journalists are that political persuasion…

  3. @gamecock, I see “cultural marxism” has been defined by the media as a far right codeword for antisemitism.

  4. Gunker – Oy veh.

    JuliaM – this is true.

    Case in point: Dr Peterson himself, who is a mild-mannered Canadian lefty academic, and also Figuratively Hitler according to #woke dickheads.

    You’d think, to listen to the lamentations of their transwomen, that Peterson had an evil little moustache and legions of rapey stormtroopers at his command. Which is weird, given that politically he’s like a more cerebral Jeremy Corbyn who also happens to drop knowledge about evolutionary psychology.

    20 years ago the progressives would’ve been proud to claim him as one of their own, but the internal logic of progressivism is herding them towards open, pants-on-head, pencils-in-nostrils wibblitude.

    Sort of like how Yank proggies claim Donald Trump is extreme. Trump is a socially liberal, gay rights supporting New Yorker who repeatedly says he loves black people and Hispanics and goes out of his way to court minority voters. He also says immigration should be controlled, Americans shouldn’t be the World Police, and the working classes should have opportunity. Rhetorically, he’s significantly to the Left of Bill Clinton in the ancient times of 92 and 96 – it’s not DRUMPF who calls black guys “super predators”.

    It’s not that the Right has moved to the Right, it’s that the Left is eating its own tail in an ouroboros of inanity.

  5. Did she dictate this out of the tiny window of the Ladies Loo at Telegraph HQ, besieged there by the woke zombie hordes that have been hired to turn the ‘Graph into a bloodless version of the Guardian, just without the goatee beard and kaftan?

  6. “I see “cultural marxism” has been defined by the media as a far right codeword for antisemitism.”

    For noticing that the founders of the Frankfurt school were all Jews.

    Noticing things is now antisemitic.

  7. Inconvenient facts, science, democracy and peaceful law abidingness, thinking independently and failing to find transsexuals attractive are racist, sexist , ageist trans and islamophobic.

    Scream orange man bad, Brexit bad and March into our glorious future.

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