So, erm, small world etc

Was looking at the site stats for ContTel – no, I’m not maniacal about it – and saw, out of interest, that there was a bloke from Tacoma in the US reading the site.

Hmm, I wonder? Emailed the bloke I’ve known for 25 years, done business with over that time, who lives in Tacoma. That you?


Which, I guess, goes to show you how far ContTel has penetrated beyond my small circle of select friends and acquaintances….

8 thoughts on “So, erm, small world etc”

  1. Pandering to advertisers–and that ultimately means pandering to cowards who crawl before socialistic jargon-based mind control attempts–is the reason Contins hasn’t taken off Tim. If you opened an eating house with the legend “We are bland and shall not offend your palate” you would hardly expect to prosper then either.

  2. Dunno how much pandering we’ve done to be honest. We banned swearing because advertisers demanded it but politesse is hardly pandering. Umm, what else?

  3. Registry–the trappings of tyranny. Also –do really think that if we all moved over to Contins en masse your advertisers wouldn’t flee like it was Saigon 1975?

  4. By way of observation not criticism, you may be splitting your audience by running CT and this blog side by side.

    Also maybe a question of format. This blog is easier on the eye and easier to navigate… just scroll up or down, CT is a bit of a smörgåsbord.

    Maybe a format like this blog which you probably know… would help.

  5. I presume Tim’s trying to capture some of the trade from the online dead-tree, so a format not unlike the DT will be familiar to the target. The blog format only really works for regular blog readers, where you’re interested to see what the latest post is. If it doesn’t capture the attention of the casual visitor, they’re not going to scroll down to see what else is on offer.

  6. Re: CT Home Page Format & Content

    I find Spectator home page format is best of all news sites I visit

    Concise, low graphics, clear, easy

    Note: NoScript, uBlock and Ghostery running; without it may differ.

    Content: More authors needed – do as speccy and use others: eg Spiked, AltNews, ElReg Exs (Lewis P)

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